No Wrong Answers: reiki, LED masks and memes

The No Wrong Answers boardroom taps astrologer and tarot reader Marissa Malik

The No Wrong Answers boardroom taps astrologer and tarot reader Marissa Malik

By Team Woo21 Mar 2023
2 mins read time
2 mins read time

Welcome to the No Wrong Answers boardroom, where woo's hosts dig into the deepest corners of the internet to get to grips with the issues that matter. Today, they're talking all things wellness.

No Wrong Answers is the surreal talk show where a trio of TikTok's familiar faces delve into topics like technology, people, wealth and relationships (to name but a few).

This time around, our top trio comprised of Klaudia Fior, David Larbi and Callum Mullin are tackling wellness, and what it means to them, from every angle.

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From their nostalgic, '70s-themed office, the hosts begin with a brainstorming session on the company flipchart before delving into everything from reiki to morning routines to sex and how various activities contribute to our well-being.

They also welcome astrologer and tarot reader Marissa Malik as their expert consultant and hear from her about the ins and outs of horoscopes and what they mean.

The team then form a focus group to evaluate a series of wellness-themed memes and clips from the internet, logging their feelings of 'joyful', 'happy', 'unsure' or 'sad' into the state-of-the-art Emotional Response Machine.

From insightful conversation to comedic moments, delivered by a trio of outspoken, open-minded presenters, No Wrong Answers: Wellness is here to help you engage with wellness with a fresh mindset. Happy watching!

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