Partnerships / Vendor Enquiries:

Founder/CEO Stephen Mai

MD / Head of Agency Rebecca Jolly

Creative Director at Large (Video) Ravi Amaratunga Hitchcock

Design Director at Large Dan Mitchell


Head of Video and Audio Issey Penwarden

Production Manager Gaia Curti

Video Editor Sam Bottenberg


Editorial Lead Jess Commons

Features Editor Megan Wallace

Writer Rhys Thomas

Fashion and Shopping Writer Sophie Wilson

Editorial Assistant Lucy O'Brien


Director of Marketing Nicholas Hodgkins

Marketing Manager Katrina McLaren

Art Director Kemar Reid

Marketplace Content Manager Tianah Hodding

Junior Designer Jonas Mcilwain

Design Assistant Bertie Warner

Media & Brand

Head of Media & Brand Luke Innes

Senior Social Media Manager Elli Weir

Senior Social Producer Hollie Hilton

Social Producer Bobbie Temple

Social Assistant Emily Clays


Head of Marketplace Robyn Chalet

Category Manager Clare Sanford

Account Manager Anna Steuben

Operations Manager Kuziva Muzondo

Customer Experience Manager Sarah Hodder

Buyer Evie Morrison