welcome to planet woo


We are a first-of-its-kind, feel good shopping concept and media platform on a mission to turn generation anxious into generation zen. Brought to you by ITV, woo makes wellness discoverable, aspirational and culturally relevant - through the lens of entertainment, products and storytelling.

A place for self-expression and discovery, woo provides a voice for a new type of wellness for young people, and a platform for brands that align with the values of a Gen Z audience.

our purpose:

Our purpose is to make people feel good.

With inclusivity at the core of our business, we bring wellness to a generation that has traditionally been underserved by the industry. Because we believe feeling good isn’t something that should only be accessible to older, richer people.

our feel good marketplace:

Whether you’re looking for CBD, dildoes, sneakers or skincare, woo brings together a diverse range of feelgood products that, alongside our media brand, aims to create space for more joy and care into your life.

The brands we partner with - from the established to the soon-to-be cult faves - have been selected by our team because woo believes in what they do and how they do it.

Our curation of products and brands across beauty, wellness, lifestyle, homeware, activewear + tech include need-to-know labels such as CHRISTIANAHJONES, Aaron Wallace, The Seated Queen and VUSH, as well as cult favourites like AGR, Nordic Poetry, Piglet in Bed and Earl of East.

our content:

Our content proposition tackles topics that speak to the passions, joys and concerns of Gen Z and beyond. We want to make a positive contribution to our audience’s mental and physical wellbeing, and to never shy away from taboo topics or conversations.

Providing an antidote to the toxic news cycle, we produce platform-agnostic content that connects a global community, ignites cultural impact and provides wellness solutions and inspiration. We activate this across a media ecosystem that includes video, audio, editorial and social.

our agency:

woo’s agency is a creative services studio designed to connect brands into the woo ecosystem through innovative and meaningful integrated marketing solutions. We work with brands to build relevant end-to-end campaigns that resonate deeply with a youth audience. Starting with Gen Z insights and analytics, creative direction and strategy, production, project management, and talent incubation, through to venture design and strategic retail integration.

our values:

FEEL GOOD: We create & curate youthful, feel good content and products that make life better.

PROGRESSIVE: We’re exploring innovative wellbeing in the digital age, focussed on bringing wellness forward.

YOUTHFUL: We’re here to serve the needs of Gen Z, the purpose generation, who care deeply about making change.

FLUID: We are entering the age of fluidity, blurring the lines of culture, genres, genders and everything in between.

INCLUSIVE: We are a safe, positive space and community. For us, diversity - in all of its forms - isn’t just for optics.

PURPOSEFUL: We’re a transparent, profit-oriented business. We strive to make the planet better and to stand up for what we believe in.

Last updated: 20 Oct 2022