No Wrong Answers

No Wrong Answers is an original chat show from woo, bringing together hosts Klaudia Fior, David Larbi and Callum Mullin for weekly episodes exploring topics such as Relationships, People, Wealth, Nature, Technology and Wellness from the Gen Z perspective.

No Wrong Answers: reiki, LED masks and memes

The No Wrong Answers boardroom taps astrologer and tarot reader Marissa Malik


No Wrong Answers: AI, sex robots and incognito mode

The NWA team unpacks AI tattoos, famous followers on Insta and the way Siri will let you down


No Wrong Answers: city brain, climate change and survival skills

The No Wrong Answers boardroom taps Trevor Smith, an animal coordinator for TV and film


No Wrong Answers: cashback, money anxiety and girlbosses

The No Wrong Answers team tap financial content creator Kia Commodore to help them tackle their money anxiety


No Wrong Answers: Geminis, unspoken rizz and extroverts

The No Wrong Answers team have their body language read by expert consultant Annabelle Knight


No Wrong Answers

Introducing woo's new, off-the-wall talk show...


No Wrong Answers: relationships, platonic besties and the orgasm gap

The No Wrong Answers team tap consultant Sophia Smith Galer for sexpert advice on their quest to feel good

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