woo presents Feel Good Films: I thank my mother for my hair

After daughter Alexis reconnects with her mother Natasha, the pair embark on a road to healing

woo presents feel good films: Material Bodies

Prosthetic legs as accessory, companion and part of you, Material Bodies is a stunning documentary using dance, dialogue and design to tell a story ab...

woo presents Feel Good Films: The Countdown

Olympic fencer Ysaora Thibus takes us through the strenuous work and dedication it takes to become a winner

woo presents Feel Good Films: FREEBORDER SKATE

Skateboarding is for everyone. In this short film, we see how skater Sojourn founded Free Border Skate as a commitment to making that happen for refug...

woo presents feel good films: Ramatu go box

POV: You're in Jamestown, West Africa. Up-and-coming female boxer, Ramatu Quaye, walks you through the streets of her hometown – the place where boxin...

woo presents Feel Good Films: Youth of the rural north

What is the relationship between culture and place? This short investigates the intimacies of this relationship for young people living in the rural N...

woo presents feel good films: ephwaipi

Set amidst the busy happenings of life in urban Hong Kong, this short shows two young women putting forward their disruptive vision for change

This film explores race, identity and self-healing

Starring model Rico Sanches, this visually complex short fractures the fiction of the American dream

breathe to releasing anxiety

Experience the blessing of breathwork, a practice to feel grounded, mindful, and relieved of stress in times when you need it most. Experts take us th...

Breathe: an intro to breathwork

Everything you need to know about what breathwork is and our new series 'Breathe'