WATCH: Main Character | Episode 3: Jessie Thompson

Meet Jessie, the star of the third instalment of our three-part Main Character series, who’s dancing her way along whatever path the universe sets her…

Meet Jessie, the star of the third instalment of our three-part Main Character series, who’s dancing her way along whatever path the universe sets her…

By Team Woo23 Nov 2023
3 mins read time
3 mins read time

Jessie is the main character of her life and in this video, you can follow her as she builds trust in the universe. The Dublin-based dancer takes us through her first ever battle on stage, the flurry of opportunities that rushed in right after and the sudden shift that forced her to rejig her moves.

But even when life gets messy, Jessie’s peak main character energy helps her see that things have a way of working out when you let them. This story isn’t about mainstream happily-ever-afters or overnight stardom, far from it. It’s truly about finding (so much) joy in doing what you love and letting that drive you to people and places that are fulfilling.

Here, we caught up with Jessie to learn what main character means: from wearing all leather and finding strength in performance to cold showers and Rihanna.

who is your favourite main character from tv, film, fiction?

Alice from Alice in Wonderland.

if you're a main character, what's the soundtrack?

Kiss it Better by Rihanna!

what is your number one fit to channel your inner main character?

Complete Matrix mode: black leather trench, leather polo, leather jeans and black boots with hoop earrings.

what would your advice be to someone who wants to feel like a main character but is struggling to?

Just remember that you already are a main character, stay kind and true to yourself and the people around you.

what's a wellness ritual that makes you feel like a main character?

I love a cold shower and a hair or face mask.

as the main character of your own life, what has been your biggest turning point or life changing moment so far? what did you learn from it?

A turning point that I can remember was travelling solo at a young age and realising that I was doing what I wanted in life, but my goals required so much more work and patience. From this I learned the importance of work ethic and sacrificing things that no longer serve me whilst maintaining pleasure.

in your opinion, what traits give someone main character energy?

Chaos, lol I’m joking. Confidence and a strong ability to read people, and in order to be a main character that people actually like long term…empathy.

what activity makes you feel most like a main character?

My work: performing.

do you believe in happily ever afters? what would yours look like?

Honestly, I’d get my happily ever after if the larger collective did, and maybe after that to see as much of the world as possible before settling on my own patch of land in Ireland. :”)

Main Character is woo's original comedic series featuring an artist, a rapper and a dancer from the Dublin underground, telling three interwoven stories of personal growth in a candid stream-of-consciousness docu-drama. Watch the full series here.