self-love with jamie flatters: episode three

2 mins
23 May 2023
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In the final of three short films, Avatar's Jamie Flatters comes to a conclusion about his self-love exploration

words Megan Wallace

This article is part of THE WOONIVERSE ACCORDING TO... Jamie Flatters.

In the third and final episode of Self-Love, Jamie broaches the topic of wu wei: an ancient Chinese concept of “effortless action” that can serve as a much-needed counterpoint to the ways we chase love in the western world.

He begins the episode by mulling over this concept while lying in bed (relatable) before he begins to levitate over his bedspread (not so relatable). He’s then grasping onto a ledge and dangling into the abyss and, then, he’s in a kitchen hanging out with his doppelgänger, before being blasted with fake snow and then is lounging, rose in hand, in a red-lit room. All the while, he’s grappling with our toxic relationship with ourselves and the way that love is wrapped up with pain, sacrifice and struggle in our collective psyches.

Just as he concludes, “maybe it’s time to stop thinking about myself and how I relate to love and just... be” - he winds up looking at the camera and lying in a hospital bed, while his life support machine starts to flatline.

“If self-love is supposed to be peace," he asks, "then why make a film about it?”

A good question! It's time for some second opinions as the camera consults a range of other people’s opinions on the matter of self-love. This leads the very many versions of Jamie into a place of acceptance where, after flitting through his various guises, he can stride alone and whole into the hills with the knowledge that - if you let it - love will find you again.


Welcome to THE WOONIVERSE ACCORDING TO… Jamie Flatters. In this liminal space, we provide an individual a chance to reflect through creativity how to harness their own power to make a positive change in the real world around them. This time around sees Jamie and some of our writers reflect on the idea of self-love and what it means to them. There's even a relaxing hypnotherapy session if you're struggling yourself.

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