No Wrong Answers: city brain, climate change and survival skills

The No Wrong Answers boardroom taps Trevor Smith, an animal coordinator for TV and film

The No Wrong Answers boardroom taps Trevor Smith, an animal coordinator for TV and film

By Team Woo07 Mar 2023
2 mins read time
2 mins read time

Welcome to the No Wrong Answers boardroom, where woo's hosts dig into the deepest corners of the internet to get to grips with the issues that matter. Today, they're talking all things nature...

No Wrong Answers is the surreal talk show where a trio of TikTok's familiar faces unpack themes like people, wealth and relationships, taking these macro topics and pulling them in unexpected directions with their unique insights and observations. This time around, our crack team comprising Klaudia Fior, David Larbi and Callum Mullin are on hand to explore what nature means to them.

From their nostalgic, '70s-themed office, the hosts begin with a brainstorming session on the company flipchart before they open up about everything from their theories about so-called "city brain" (not to be confused with the AI system by the same name) to whether they trust animals (the jury's still out).

The team then form a focus group to evaluate a series of nature-themed memes and clips from the internet, logging their feelings from joyful, happy, unsure or sad into the state of the art Emotional Response Machine. Whether it's pigeon smooching, clothes made of bees or survival skills, they give their honest responses to the wildest and weirdest content the interwebs have to offer on the topic of the day.

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After being thoroughly traumatised by footage of creepy crawlies, the hosts then invite Trevor Smith, an animal coordinator for TV and film, to remind them of the joy which our furry and feathered friends bring to the world. He delves into the underrated intelligence of crows, explores the therapeutic potential of spending time with animals and introduces the trio to creatures such as a lion-headed rabbit, a chinchilla and a duo of mice.

Rounding off the session, they engage in a thought experiment by imagining that they are in a cute caterpillar video from Down Under, and then share their closing thoughts on the episode – whether it's noting their desire to escape London or their newfound appreciation for chinchillas.

From insightful conversation to comedic moments, delivered by a trio of outspoken, open-minded presenters, No Wrong Answers: Nature is here to help you see the world of nature anew. Happy watching!

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