No Wrong Answers: relationships, platonic besties and the orgasm gap

2 mins
14 Feb 2023
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The No Wrong Answers team tap consultant Sophia Smith Galer for sexpert advice on their quest to feel good

words Team Woo

Welcome to the No Wrong Answers boardroom, where woo's hosts dig into deepest corners of the web and delve into the issues that matter. Today, we're talking relationships...

February is love month and here at woo we like to remind you that love really is all around. Rather than believing that it's exclusively romantic or monogamous, it's time to open your minds to the many - and we mean many - forms it can take. That's why this episode of No Wrong Answers tackles the theme of relationships from pretty much every angle including sex, celibacy, bosses, parental love, cheating and more.

Phew, there's a lot of ground to cover but our hosts Klaudia Fior, David Larbi and Callum Mullin are up to the challenge. Inside the No Wrong Answers boardroom, they chew over the issues of the day while sharing their honest, unfiltered reactions to priceless memes mined from the interwebs that broach the concept of relationships in new and unexpected ways.

As well as sharing thoughts and viral clips, the team beams a very special consultant into the boardroom: Sophia Smith Galer, author of Losing It: Sex Education for the 21st Century. Answering the trio's questions, the writer delves into gendered inequalities in the world of sex, taking issue with the concept of virginity and schooling hosts on the orgasm gap.

A high-low mix of comedy, expert insights and, of course, internet culture, delivered by a trio of out-spoken, open-minded presenters, No Wrong Answers: Relationships is a chance to gain insight into what Gen Z really thinks about sex, love and relationships. Happy watching!

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