No Wrong Answers: cashback, money anxiety and girlbosses

2 mins
28 Feb 2023
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The No Wrong Answers team tap financial content creator Kia Commodore to help them tackle their money anxiety

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Welcome to the No Wrong Answers boardroom, where woo's hosts dig into the deepest corners of the internet to get to grips with the issues that matter. Today, they're talking all things money...

After tackling the topic of people last week, which saw the gang have their body language read by body language expert Annabelle Knight, the No Wrong Answers team are back at it again. This time, they're speaking loud and proud about one of the toughest topics: money.

If anyone's up to the challenge of breaking the money chat taboo, it's our hosts Klaudia Fior, David Larbi and Callum Mullin. Whether it's admitting to racking up charges on their parent's card on a porn site, learning about finance in a cashless society or gaming the stock market, this episode sees them examine our relationship with money from every angle.

Alongside these conversations, the trio from the No Wrong Answers boardroom share their unfiltered reactions to the memes and clips making their way around the internet which are sparking new ways of thinking about finances. From a Swarovski crystal encrusted music box featuring Drake's face (in this economy?!) to cleaning out the Next sale, they log their feelings from joyful, happy, unsure or sad into the Emotional Response Machine.

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As well as chatting through these topics on their own, the team beam in expert consultant and money-saving content creator Kia Commodore to the boardroom. She chats about the misconceptions we all have about taxes and how to open up conversations about money with your friends and acquaintances.

A high-low mix of comedy, useful tips and plenty of memes, delivered by a trio of outspoken, open-minded presenters, No Wrong Answers: Wealth is here to help you face your money anxiety and broaden your definition of wealth. Happy watching!

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