Breathe: To Connect

Breathe to Connect

Connect with your body and mind by learning new breathing techniques designed to make you feel safe and calm

Breathe: To Feel

Breathe to feel

Join Woo in a structured breathwork session designed to help you feel your emotions and heal

Breathe to stay grounded

Calm your mind and your nervous system with Woo’s breathwork session for staying grounded

Breathe to releasing anxiety

Join Woo in a breathwork session designed to help you release tension, stress, and anxiety

Immerse yourself in a sound healing mix of Ashnikko’s ‘Daisy’

The genre-expanding musician’s hit tune gets reworked with energetic frequencies and hypnotising visuals for an energy-boosting sound healing session

Listen to a soundhealing mix of Beabadoobee’s ‘Talk’

We deconstruct Beabadoobee’s ‘Talk’, combining peaceful frequencies with hypnotising visuals for a meditative sound healing session

Listen to Olympic Boxer Ramla Ali’s power-down playlist

The professional fighter shares her top-played tunes

Woo reviews: 369 Manifestation

It's TikTok's favourite affirmation, but is it the ultimate life hack or just wishful thinking?

10 ways to self-soothe an anxious mind

10 ways to self-soothe an anxious mind

From mindfulness meditations to cold water swimming, and aromatherapy – these techniques can help return balance to your body and mind

A beginner’s guide to alternative meditation

From demolition therapy to conscious clubbing, start your alternative meditation journey here