Higher frequencies: Ashnikko – ‘Daisy’ (sound healing mix)

3 mins
09 Aug 2022
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The genre-expanding musician’s hit tune gets reworked with energetic frequencies and hypnotising visuals for an energy-boosting sound healing session

Welcome to another instalment of Higher Frequencies: this is Woo’s audiovisual series which deconstructs tracks from your favourite artists, and combines them with restorative frequencies and hypnotising visuals to deliver sound healing sessions crafted just for you. Whether you want uplifted and energised, brought back to your breath or to aim for total chill mode – these new mixes offer access to your highest self through the power of visuals and sound.

This episode remixes and elevates Ashnikko’s “Daisy”. Ashnikko has said before that it’s her favourite song that she’s ever written, an empowering anthem and pop-trap banger with EDM elements that annihilated TikTok. It’s written from the perspective of a rapist-chasing vigilante and dominatrix called Daisy. It’s deviant, deranged, and dancefloor ready.

For Higher Frequencies, Woo offers up a remix that keeps its uplifting, energising elements, while making it sound healing session safe. The sound healing rework is by Aaron Horn, with neuroaesthetics design and curation by Kinda Studios, and animation by Butt Studios.

Ready to get back to your breath? Well, research has shown a link between listening to instrumental music (particularly if it puts a tingle down your spine) and the release of happiness-inducing brain chemical dopamine. It's pretty easy to tap into the feel-good factor of music, but you can harness its full therapeutic potential through sound healing: a practice which is thought to date back to Ancient Greece.

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Sound healing (aka "music therapy") sees a professional practitioner use music to create emotional and mental health benefits. Music therapy is specifically helpful for people who have anxiety, depression, dementia, autism and PTSD and is believed to help lower stress, improve sleep and manage mood swings.

Different types of sound healing include guided meditation, binaural beats, and solfeggio frequencies. You can read more in our guide to sound healing here. We’ve reworked the music of artists including Vegyn, Beabadoobee, and now, Ashnikko for sound healing sessions that appease your music taste as much as your other senses.

The releases so far include a calming rework of Vegyn's "Game For Life" to promote sleep, and a meditative remix of Beabadoobee's "Talk". The remixes deconstruct their songs to follow music therapy principles, with the audio synchronised with specially designed videos using creative design and animation to maximise the restorative nature of sound.

Give this rework of Ashnikko’s “Daisy” a go for that necessary energising shot, all through the power of sound therapy.

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