Breathe: releasing anxiety

Join Woo in a breathwork session designed to help you release tension, stress, and anxiety

Join Woo in a breathwork session designed to help you release tension, stress, and anxiety

By Eve Walker25 Aug 2022
2 mins read time
2 mins read time

Experience the blessing of breathwork, a practice to feel grounded, mindful, and relieved of stress in times when you need it most. Experts take us through breathwork sessions that help you take control and reset your mind, so that you are ready to take on the day – aaaaand breathe.

Breathwork is an incredibly effective and accessible way to reduce stress responses by practising techniques that help release anxieties or worries. The more breathwork you do, the greater the benefits will be. While breathwork has become a wellness buzzword in recent years, it actually goes back thousands of years in spiritual and Eastern practices, such as yoga and meditative traditions. Many studies have also highlighted its physical and mental benefits, confirming its value in holistic medicine.

Guided by breathwork expert March Russell and Hannah Kendaru, Woo’s breathwork sessions bring your bodies back to a state of balance. This session is made up of three stages: an orientation, a journey and an integration.

Gently bringing you into the space, the orientation helps you decompress the body and relax the mind. You start by making yourself comfortable and closing your eyes, coming into the session with a brief meditation to get rid of any tension.

Next, you move onto the journey, which gets deep into the heart of the practice. It may feel more intense, but this is where the change starts to really happen as you set your intention and learn to connect with your body. You are left with a calm stillness as you enter the next stage.

The final stage is integration, which provides space for you to slowly relax out of the session and fully feel the effects of breathwork. Here is where you reflect on what you’ve achieved. Notice what you’re feeling and experiencing in the body, coming back in your own time.

You become lighter, calmer, and have released all the tension stored in your body – most importantly, you’re ready to take on the day.

Plug in, breathe out, and let our relaxing sessions wash over you.

You can access March's online studio on his official website.

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