Breathe: To Feel

Join Woo in a structured breathwork session designed to help you feel your emotions and heal

Join Woo in a structured breathwork session designed to help you feel your emotions and heal

25 Aug 2022
2 mins read time
2 mins read time

Experience the blessing of breathwork, a practice to feel grounded, mindful, and relieved of stress in times when you need it most. Experts take us through breathwork sessions that help you take control and reset your mind, so that you are ready to take on the day – aaaaand breathe.

Breathwork is an accessible way to reduce stress responses by practising techniques that help release anxieties or worries. The more breathwork you do, the greater the benefits will be. While breathwork has become a wellness buzzword in recent years, it actually goes back thousands of years in spiritual and Eastern practices, such as yoga and meditative traditions. Many studies have also highlighted its physical and mental benefits and suggested its value in holistic medicine.

Guided by breathwork expert Hannah Kendaru and March Russell, Woo’s breathwork sessions bring your bodies back to a state of balance. This session, organised around the theme of “feel”, is made up of three stages: an orientation, a journey and an integration.

Gently beginning, the orientation helps ease you into the breathing pattern. Then, the journey begins and invites you to follow Hannah’s breath and is followed by a cool down integration session.

The orientation invites you to sink into the ground, becoming aware of how your body feels and begin to observe your breath and where it is and where it lands. Start progressing towards conscious, connected breath. You breathe through one channel: either breathing in and out through your nose, or in and out of your mouth. You’re encouraged to take your time and breathe deep into the belly and deeply take in fresh air.

Next, you move onto the journey and match Hannah’s deep, conscious, connected breath. Breathing fully in and out, witness the journey of the breath and connect the breath before letting it go. Use Hannah’s voice and the music as a guide.

The final stage is integration, which allows you to bring your breath back to normal. Stay with your breath and slowly transition out of the session with a new, deeper sense of feeling and connectedness.

Plug in, breathe out, and let our relaxing sessions wash over you.

continue to breathe...