supper clubs, dream pop and self-love: introducing woo's ones

To celebrate our birthday, we've curated a list of our ones

Hero image in post
Hero image in post

To celebrate our birthday, we've curated a list of our ones

By Team Woo26 Apr 2023
5 mins read time
5 mins read time

It's party time! This week marks our first birthday which means a whole year of woo and a whole year of spreading wellness through feel-good memes, positive news and our very honest reviews.

Over the past year we’ve brought you a first-of-its-kind,mood-filtered marketplace, the panel talkshow with a twist, No Wrong Answers, meet-cute wonders in Life In Love, immersive breathwork series Breathe and transformative 360 soundbath sessions via Higher Frequencies. And we're only just getting started.

But, before we get onto what's next for woo, we want to take a break and tip our hat to the people out there inspiring us.

So, to celebrate our first birthday and all things woo, we’ve made a list of all the people changing the way we feel about everything from club culture to art, TV and film to music and fashion.

We’ve got everyone from from KhakiKid, the playful Irish alt-rapper, to Avatar: The Way of the Water's breakout star Jamie Flatters, as well as musician flowerovlove, DJ Sim0ne, stylist TJ Sawyerr, multi-disciplinary artist Darkwah Kyei-Darkwah as well as oodles more people making culture feel exceptionally good, pushing the envelope and all our buttons.

We caught up with many of them to find out what their own ones are: the one lesson that changed them in life, the one moment in their career they'll cherish forever and the one thing they'd do if they were Prime Minister for the day.

Read on to find out who made the list, to explore how they got into their careers, what change they want to see and make in the world, their proudest moments, their most valued life lessons and so much more. Along the way, you can also find out who rates otters, who prefers to nix friends from their life, whose quest is improving diverse representation in Ireland and what each of them do to make themselves feel good.



flowerovlove is the name of the musical project that Joyce Cisse began during Covid when her brother began producing and suggested she give singing a go. Keen to see a world with more "community and empathy", she's due to set European festivals like Primavera Sound and Latitude alight this summer.



KhakiKid, real name Abdu Huss, is a rap artist from Dublin. Fond of a cold water swim, improving representation of diverse Irish people and getting his mam along to his gigs, Huss is ready to take you through the looking glass with his surreal tunes.

TJ Sawyerr


TJ Sawyerr is a multi-talented creator who got his first gig waiting in line for a Supreme drop. After being spotted by a modelling agent there, he's progressed (by age 20!) to literally directing fashion week shows like Rueben Selby's AW22 event. Keen on writing, playing basketball and voicenote diaries in his downtime, he's mainly out to do more, more and more.

Jennie Kim


Known as the shy member of k-pop behemoth Blackpink, Jennie Kim is Hollywood-bound this year and set to appear in the controversial Sam Levinson TV series The Idol before embarking on another world tour with the band.

Darkwah Kyei-Darkwah


Darkwah Kyei-Darkwah is a multi-disciplinary creator who puts out art, music, acting and so much more. Perhaps inspired in their work by their dad's time producing Ghanaian beauty pageants, they like to sing at the top of their lungs and dance to a song each day for self-care.

Halle Bailey


Beginning her rise to fame singing on YouTube as part of Chloe x Halle, who were soon signed to Beyoncé’s label, Halle Bailey is striking out on her own with solo projects and a budding acting career. She's making history this year by playing Ariel in the upcoming The Little Mermaid.

Master Peace


Master Peace, real name Peace Okezie, is the rising face of British indie who is flying the creative flag for all of those with ADHD and who likes to watch Goodfellas to feel chill.



CHRISTIANAHJONES is the designer asking you to step outside your comfort zone into the dazzling bright light that you can deflect from your eyes with a pair of her Billie Eilish - and Bey - approved sunglasses.

Lukas Gage


After appearing in The White Lotus, You and Euphoria, Lukas Gage, a California-born actor-writer is going to hit the big screen this year with intergenerational gay comedy Down Low and is riding high off the climate justice heist film How To Blow Up A Pipeline.

Guy Morgan


Guy Morgan, the skincare supremo behind the eponymous botanical-based brand started off as a furniture and fittings designer and pivoted to a range of essentialist, expert-led skincare products.

Rahel Stephanie


Rahel Stephanie is the hungry mind behind Spoons. No, that's not the Wether kind, rather a hot-ticketed Indonesian-inspired supper club drawing on her heritage and bringing a slice of playfulness to dinner along with servings of pandan blondies, corn fritters and sticks of sate.



The former model-turned-DJ sim0ne is currently making an EP but is never too busy to talk Lana Del Rey, endorphins, euphoric music and how much she rates her mum.

Jamie Flatters


The breakout star of Avatar: The Way of the Water, Jamie Flatters, is not only appearing in the next two blockbuster films of the otherworldly franchise, but has also created a series of films on the topic of self-love for woo, due to launch next month. Watch! This! Space!



HARRI is a Kerala-born creative who creates wearable art. If you don't know him from his AW23 show full of pumped-up 'fits – you'll remember how he wowed the UK with Sam Smith's high-gloss, inflatable latex trousers and a matching top at the BRITs this year.

Billie Marten


23-year-old horticulture and alpaca fan Billie Marten writes diaristic music in the vein of Laura Marling, sharing her candid and relatable lyrics across the world. Fresh from a US tour, she is now taking her music around the UK's summer festival circuit.