Jamie Flatters: the actor, director rewriting the script on self-love

The 22-year-old Avatar star has potential, ambition, and talent in equal measure but he won’t let that get to his head

Hero image in post
Hero image in post

The 22-year-old Avatar star has potential, ambition, and talent in equal measure but he won’t let that get to his head

By Rhys Thomas26 Apr 2023
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6 mins read time

To celebrate our first birthday, woo has curated a list of our ones. The people in our wooniverse who are redefining fashion, music, clubs, culture and much more.

Jamie Flatters, the boy in blue (not that one, nor is he really a boy anymore, he’s 22 with the general maturity of a 40-year-old who has seen a thousand lives) came onto the scene with a leading role in Avatar: The Way of Water at the end of last year.

As well as acting, the south Londoner is a keen director and writer, working on a number of projects both on and off the screen, including some upcoming films on the topic of self love for woo (more on that in the next few weeks). He’s keeping busy, but he also has time on his hands right now. He’s back in Clapham, living in the house he grew up in, in the bedroom that has been his bedroom since he was young.

In some ways, Jamie is still young, but you wouldn’t know it to speak to him. He’s thought a lot about his position within the world of acting and in fact, life itself. By all accounts, Jamie Flatters is going to be one to watch. A natural fit for woo’s ones.

"if you never achieve the dream, you always get to have it as a beautiful delusion"

How would you describe what you do in your own words?

I’m deeply in love with an art form that can’t always be accessible, therefore I’m currently willing to dive into a multitude of different creative avenues in order to constantly stay in a collaborative space and optimistic space within my creative relationship with the world.

And how would you describe what you do to a date?

I’m an actor.

How did you get into your chosen career?

I was always playing acting in school on the playground, that’s really where it all started. But I did a lot of theatre work, I was always that little kid dying in a Shakespare play or a ghost. Then I was on CBBC, which was pretty cool, having grown up watching it. Then I quit that show because I was a twat even at that age and thought I knew what art was and decided to chase that. I auditioned for Avatar and got the role.

Are there any upcoming projects that you’d like to talk about?

Honestly man, I am so unemployed. I’ve been unemployed for two years and I’m just desperate to get another acting job, that’d be loads of fun. But you know, I’m making some short films…

"it means I don’t have to just live to survive anymore, I can do more than that"

What’s one thing you’d like to see change in the world? Is there anything you do that you think helps that change along?

This is specifically a Western culture problem, but I would love to see people stop seeing things in such a binary way. I want people to adopt the paradoxical nature of life, you know? Things being just like right wing versus left wing, for example. People just need to stop thinking they know what they know, and to listen more. And yeah, I think a load of the creative world is using the unknown to express a specific feeling and not a fact.

What’s the one thing in your career you’re most proud of?

Pride is a sin!

What’s one thing you would do if you were prime minister for the day?

There’s a great quote that’s basically, "Whoever wants to be prime minister shouldn’t be allowed to be prime minister", which I agree with. But in terms of change, I would add in some sort of idea of that prioritised beauty in society. I don’t know what that means, but a policy that meant we had to look at and aim for an increase in beauty when doing things.

Is there any one thing you do on the regular to take care of your mental health?

Journaling is the main thing, I’ve done that for years in one form or another.

What’s one lesson that’s changed your life?

If you achieve the dream, then there’s a reality that comes after. But if you never achieve the dream, you always get to have it as a beautiful delusion. I’m becoming even more grateful for the things that never happen as a result.

What’s one moment in your career that you will cherish forever?

I have to say just all of it. Anything that is within this world of what I do is so miraculous, because it means I don’t have to just live to survive anymore, I can do more than that. The day I start picking out specifics is probably the day I should go and talk to someone about gratitude.

What’s one thing you want to achieve in the next year?

Getting another acting job…

If you had a number one song, what would it sound like?

Me and my friend had a bread company when we were like 13 -more of a seasonal business - no taxes were filed. We made a baking rap to advertise the bread, so it’d be that song. It went like, “Bake bake bakers on bikes, delivering to you for a low low price, low low price…” it was N-Dubz inspired but lacking melody, and uh, soul.

Who’s your number one fan?

Probably somebody who doesn’t know me a lot and thinks I’m something I’m probably nothing like. But to be lighter than that, shall I say my mum? Nah… let’s say my Year Nine maths teacher. He was great.

Who’s number one on your speed dial?

Oh man, I’m going to get in trouble with so many people. But I’m going to say my friend Leo, we’ve been friends since secondary school.

Name one person who’s killing the game right now?

Someone who has been killing the game that I want to see get their moment is Arinzé Kene. He did a one-man play called Misty which I think inspired and helped a lot of people. I'd love him to be helped out to continue to kill the game because he deserves all the funding for his creative projects and all that stuff.

What’s one piece of clothing you can’t live without?

My parents won a t-shirt from a quiz from my primary school in 2003. It’s pink and it just says the name of the school and then “quiz winner”. I love that t-shirt because of the sentimental value.

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