Which woo with Bailey Bass and Jamie Flatters

2 mins
15 Dec 2022
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From ROMO to cold water swimming, the new-generation stars of Avatar: Way of Water share their personal wellness favourites

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Which woo is our way of getting to the heart of all the feel-good things that bring us joy, excitement and delight. In this series, we sit down with big names across music, film, TV and many more to find out what really moves them and, when it comes down to it, which woo they’d choose when hard pressed.

For this which woo, we met actors Bailey Bass and Jamie Flatters ahead of their blockbuster debut in Avatar: Way of Water. If you haven’t already heard (which would be doubtful), the sequel to the groundbreaking 2009 science fiction film has pretty much been dubbed one of the most highly anticipated movie releases of the decade, much less this year. Directed and conceptualised by James Cameron, the Avatar universe captured the hearts and imaginations of millions across the globe with its heart-wrenching plot, Academy-award winning visuals and career-defining acting.

It’s been a 13-year wait for fans, but Avatar: Way of Water is finally here. The sequel is set to be another visually stunning watch, following on from the legacy of its predecessor’s groundbreaking cinematography. Only now, we encounter a new generation of Na’vi people facing similar challenges to their parents. While Zoe Saladaña and Sam Worthington will reprise their leading roles as Na’vi princess Neytiri and human-turned-Na’vi hero Jake Sully, the sequel introduces us to new faces like Flatters (who plays their son, Neteyam), and Bass (who takes on the role of Tsireya, a young Na’vi from a new clan). As the threat of human colonisation returns, the film follows new communities as they respond to an all-too familiar foe and fight to protect their home – the mystical ecosystem of Pandora.

Set to be another film release for the history books, we asked the new generation of Avatar stars our burning questions. JOMO, or FOMO? Heroes, or villains? Cold water, or hot steam? You know, the kind of questions that help you really get to know someone…

Avatar: Way of Water is out in cinemas on 16 December.

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