which woo with Prey's Amber Midthunder

2 mins
13 Oct 2022
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which woo is our way of getting to the heart of all the feel-good things that bring us joy, excitement and delight. In this series, we sit down with big names across music, film, TV and many more to find out what really moves them and, when it comes down to it, which woo they’d choose when hard pressed.

For this which woo, we’re joined by Amber Midthunder. The rising actress is having a pretty major year so far, with her heavily anticipated turn in Prey as well as news of her casting in the forthcoming live action Avatar: The Last Airbender tv series.

Prey is the exhilarating prequel to Predator and one of the most compelling of the five films in the franchise to date. Set among the Comanche Nation in 1719, the female-fronted, psychologically-driven action movie sees Naru (Amber Midthunder), a skilled young hunter, face off against a shape-shifting alien. Pitting her wits against the futuristic technology of this ever-adapting and evolving creature, it's a showdown of brain versus brawn that will constantly have you wondering what's going to happen next…

The film has been praised by critics for its character development, exciting stunts and Midthunder's impressive performance, making it one of the most hyped films of 2022. But even if you're not into all the bangs, crashes and fight sequences that come with an action behemoth, there's plenty to enjoy. While twists and turns are the driving force of the film, they play out against a tapestry of warmth, endearing family ties and community: this is one of the rare blockbusters which also happen to have heart.

Prey is available to watch now on Disney+

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