Higher Frequencies: An intro to sound healing

3 mins
10 Aug 2022
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Higher Frequencies, deconstructs tracks from your favourite artists and combines them with restorative frequencies and hypnotising visuals to deliver sound healing sessions crafted just for you.

Whether you’re a mega Harry Styles fan or a Charli XCX obsessive, you’re probably already aware that supporting your fave pop stars can create a sense of belonging or serve as an expression of identity. But did you know that music can also be seriously beneficial for your well-being?

Research has shown a link between listening to instrumental music (particularly if it puts a tingle down your spine) and the release of happiness-inducing brain chemical dopamine. It's pretty easy to tap into the feel-good factor of music, but you can harness its full therapeutic potential through sound healing: a practice which is thought to date back to Ancient Greece.

It's with this thinking in mind that we've created Higher Frequencies, a new series which taps musicians like Beabadoobee, Vegyn and Ashnikko for an immersive, audiovisual experience aimed at helping you feel good in the every day. Since not everyone is a neuroscience expert (us neither!) we're answering your need-to-know questions on what sound healing even is and what you can expect from Higher Frequencies.

What is sound healing?

Sound healing (aka "music therapy") sees a professional practitioner use music to create emotional and mental health benefits. Music therapy is specifically helpful for people who have anxiety, depression, dementia, autism and PTSD and is believed to help lower stress, improve sleep and manage mood swings.

There are lots of different types of sound healing, including:

  • Guided meditation: a practice where an expert leads your meditation practice through instructions or may encourage you to participate in mantras or chants. Basically a way of stepping up your mindfulness for maximum effect.
  • Binaural beats: a type of sound therapy using sounds which operate on two different frequencies picked up separately by your ears, with your brain then perceiving a third (ghost) frequency which it then attunes to. It sounds complicated, yes, but binaural beats have lots of benefits like relaxation and concentration. Just remember you need to wear headphones for them to work.
  • Solfeggio frequencies: a form of sound healing which harnesses six specific frequencies associated with vibrational healing and is used in fork tuning sessions.

What can we expect from Higher Frequencies?

As we ever-so-quickly explained above, Higher Frequencies is our new series maximising the power of sound healing with some of your favourite artists. Working alongside neuroaesthetics studio Kinda, Woo has collaborated with Frank Ocean producer Vegyn, indie rock revivalist Beabadoobee and alt pop provocateur Ashnikko on a quartet of ten-minute videos aimed at helping you feel good.

The releases involve a calming rework of Vegyn's "Game For Life" to promote sleep, a meditative remix of Beabadoobee's "Talk" and an energising remix of Ashnikko's "Daisy". Deconstructing their songs to follow music therapy principles, the audio has been synchronised with specially designed videos using creative design and animation to maximise the restorative nature of sound (it sounds tricky on paper, but once you see it, you'll get it).

Fancy levelling up from ASMR videos? The world of Higher Frequencies sound healing awaits...

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