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We've just launched a first-of-its-kind mood-led store...

Hero image in post
Hero image in post

We've just launched a first-of-its-kind mood-led store...

01 Nov 2022
7 mins read time
7 mins read time

We've already brought you great news from around the world and stories from the wonders of a bigger trip to the beauty of the natural world. Now we'd like to welcome you to woo’s very own first-of-its-kind mood-led store designed to inspire and uplift. Whether you’re on the hunt for new and pre-loved fashion, homeware & tech, beauty, lifestyle & art or unique live therapeutic experiences, like sound healing and private breathwork, our feel-good selection will help transport you from anxious to zen.

We're operating a no-purchase necessary policy so you feel no pressure, because first and foremost, we want woo to make you feel good. If you are in the mood for any of our mood-edited products, you can explore wellness from accessible to the aspirational, and get to know our curated selection of emerging designers and brands, minority-owned businesses and Gen Z entrepreneurs who see design through a sustainable, gender-neutral lens.

On woo’s store you’ll find an inclusive mix of brands, from cult favourites More Joy, Nordic Poetry and Earl of East to names-to-know like Christianah Jones sunglasses and The Seated Queen skincare. Step away from the screen to enjoy some live wellness experiences like sound healing, breathwork, hypnotherapy, psychic sessions and more.

We have something to enhance every mood. To align our store with your emotions, filter products by our five key moods: main character, for when you're looking for ways to romanticise your life (and rightly so); chill, for when you're trying to wind down; reset, for gearing up and getting your shit together; horny, for when you're really feeling someone (or just really feeling yourself) and trippy, products to help you get those creative juices flowing.

Discover woo's curated brands


Beauty is serious business. It can help you look your best, explore your identity with makeup, or be a moment of self-care and stillness in our rushing lives. It is also just really good fun! So, we put together a curated selection of beauty tools and products, to help you build or expand your ideal beauty routine. Selected by woo editors from established brands and soon-to-be cult favourites, the products in our range, whether it’s skincare, haircare, makeup, nails, tanning or fragrance, have been created with ingredients and processes that are as kind to the environment as they are to your skin.

AKT London


Mallows Beauty


Aaron Wallace


Get ready to relax like never before with our extensive range of health and wellness products, curated just for you. Here at woo, we believe that wellness is for everyone and that anything that helps you relax, chill, look inward and be your most authentic self is worth prioritising. Curated from established brands and our favourite up-and-comers by our editors, our range of wellness products has something for every mood.



Ross Barr

Wunder Workshop


San Wellness



Clarity Blend

Psychic Sisters

She's Lost Control


So Divine



Skincare, for some of us, is the single-most important step in our morning and night time routines. For others, it can be intimidating. Wherever you stand on the skincare spectrum, we want to be right there, supporting you – whether that’s with a starter skincare routine to help tackle some of your biggest skin concerns, or with the next trending product to add to your already-impressive selection.





SwearBy Skin

Peep Club

Neighourhood Botanicals

Mirror Water

Otis Batterbee

The Glowcery


The Seated Queen


Our specially selected hair care products are designed to work with all hair types – whether you want to tame curls, smooth frizz and flyaways or achieve the big, bouncy blowdry of your dreams. From clarifying shampoos guaranteeing your cleanest hair ever to conditioners made to really tackle your dry, brittle ends, you’ll find what you need from our selection.




Looking to spice up your home, garden or workspace? Our curated edit of lifestyle products has everything you need to make your space feel homely, organised and welcoming. From sleek, stylish homeware and kitchenware pieces (don’t be surprised if a kitchen tool you’ve never heard of is suddenly something you can’t live without) to scented candles all your friends will try to steal, our selection, put together by team woo from brands we love, will transform your space in no time.

Piglet in Bed


Wavey Casa

Blanc Prints

Earl of East

Ajouter Store

The Brown Hues

Leaf Envy

Yop & Tom

Designer Edit

Explore our designer edit from brands we love chosen by our editors. From established brands to cult favourites, soon-to-be big names and disruptors, our curated edit brings together the labels we love and we think you will too.

More Joy

Couverture & The Garbstore



Unisex Apparel

Here at woo, we're all about making your shopping experience more accessible and diverse. And this is exactly what is at the heart of these unisex-focussed brands. Approaching their apparel lines with a commitment to genderless clothing, these brands are focussing on fire fits to be enjoyed by all. From oversized tee's to graphic bucket hats, we're sure you'll love it as much as we do.

Conscious Citizen

Inked Grails

Have a GD Trip



Long gone are the days when exercise, hiking or outdoor activities were done in an old pair of tracksuit bottoms and worn-down sneakers. Whether you’re after a fresh new pair of trainers, a sleek matching set for your barre class, waterproof, breathable material for your outdoor activities, or simply love to embrace the activewear as everyday-wear trend, our curated edit, selected from the sports brands we love, has something for everyone.


Yogi Bare

Presca Sportswear


The Sports Edit


From underwear to athleisure apparel, these brands are bringing empowerment and modernity to womenswear. Browse designs that have been carefully fashioned to embolden, incite confidence and, above all else, make you feel good.

LAPP the Brand

Under Days

Pre-Loved Clothing

Shopping for pre-loved, second-hand items has many benefits: not only does it allow you to put together a completely unique look that’s 100% you, it is also an antidote to fast fashion, and the relentless cycle of production and waste high street fashion imposes on the planet. That’s what we call a win-win!


We are rare vintage



They say accessories make an outfit, and while we are certainly partial to a great tailored suit or a stand-out coat, it’s hard to resist a bag or pair of sunglasses. Luckily, we’re not here to make you choose between them – we have a huge selection of accessories to go with your favourite outfits or add personality to your favourite wardrobe wins.

Feather Pendants

Nordic Poetry



Skinnydip London


If you're looking for new ways to improve your wellbeing, expand your mind or just to try new things that make you feel good, we got you. From guided breath work sessions that help you reconnect yourself to your respiratory system to palm-reading sittings with specialists, shop our recommendations for healing immersive experiences.

Hypnotherapy Session

One-to-one reading with Psychic Sisters

Breathwork Session

Coming soon...

Wanna see into the future? These are all the brands soon to be landing on planet woo across beauty, wellness, skincare, fashion and more. Keep your eyes peeled...














Hair Gain

Murdock London


Holistic London



Unisex Apparel

Junkbox Apparel

Out of the Ordinary

The Ragged Priest


Peachy Den

Cara & The Sky


Elsie & Fred


Arctic Fox & Co