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One-to-one hypnotherapy session - Hypnotherapy is a highly effective, evidence-based therapy, that powerfully aligns mind and body to access untapped resources allowing long lasting transformation to occur.


In a hypnotherapy session session (60 min) we will start with a conversation to find out what are your goals, or the issues that you want to address. Then I will use my voice to generate a highly-focused, relaxed inner state of attention. This state enables unrealised self-knowledge to emerge, with a powerful alignment of mind and body, which can affect profound transformation at the mental, emotional and physical level. 

I work with people who have often tried other forms of therapy without achieving the results they needed. Together, we will work with both mind and body to establish new patterns of behaviour, develop new skills and expand your resources. Through my approach you will reach the level of wellbeing which will result in a lasting significant change in your life.

I can guide you to find the resources to unlock the right set of changes, to develop a fluid, friendly and meaningful relationship with yourself.

Whether you want to let go of: stress and anxiety, poor self-esteem, depression, fears, phobias, negative beliefs, insomnia, feeling stuck or lost, or you want to become self-confident and effective in your everyday life, both at work, with your partner, your creative pursuits, and onwards, with new and exciting projects.

Whether you wish to resolve specific issues within a short-term time frame, and/or to develop more complex and far reaching goals over the longer term. This therapy will give you the clarity and strength to find your actual potential.

Hypnosis is a profoundly natural and rewarding state, like spending time in nature, being immersed in a creative project, playing music, sports, and so on. Anyone can benefit from hypnotherapy. 

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