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Breathwork is the practice of breathing consciously [to change your mental, emotional and physical state] for transformative effects. It is one of the quickest and most powerful tools to transform and optimise one’s mental and physical health.


A personalised breathwork session in a completely confidential and supportive space.

Over the space of 90 minutes, we will explore breathwork techniques beneficial for your physical, mental and emotional well-being. Sessions are offered both online and in person (Battersea/Chelsea - depending on the timing or in the comfort of your own home).

Breathwork is efficient and deeply impactful. Within a matter of minutes we can change our state of mind. Within a matter of weeks or months we can overcome our deepest pains and habits.

Everyday we take up to 23,000 breaths…with each breath sending signals back to the body and brain to shift in a certain direction.


Breathwork works on three different levels:


Nervous system regulation

Breathing is the only system in our body that is both automatic and under our control. This gives us a direct key to taking control of our nervous system to transform our mental and physical states; inducing states of balance, calm and relaxation, helping us sleep better, alleviating anxiety, depression and stress and so much more.


Emotional Release 

There are other breathing tools we can use which work at a deeper level for transformation, healing and growth which can have a profound impact in releasing stored emotional energy and stress that is held in the body.


Exercise & Performance

Up to 90% of us have dysfunctional breathing patterns which can result in an array of chronic diseases and effect our athletic performance. The breath empowers us to optimise our physical and psychological state. By utilising our breath we can boost our respiratory health and enhance our performance.


You will be guided through simple Breathwork techniques which are safe, natural and benign, with numerous benefits. They are however not suitable for anyone with the following conditions:

●  Severe Cardiovascular conditions (pacemakers)

●  Epilepsy

●  High blood pressure

●  Detached retina / cataracts / glaucoma

●  Previous hospitalisation for any psychiatric

● First trimester of pregnancy


Please do not practice breathwork, Online or In-Person, without consulting myself and your doctor prior to engaging with any breathwork techniques if you have any of the following conditions.

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