Everything you need to focus, reset and get your life together

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07 Nov 2022
Everything you need to focus, reset and get your life together

All the best bits to kick start new habits and make life easier

words Sophie Lou Wilson

When you’re burned out, it’s important to listen to your body and take a break. Learning to chill and do nothing sometimes is a necessary skill, so is taking the time afterwards to refocus and reset.

Finding the motivation to do so can be a struggle. Perhaps the tasks in front of you feel overwhelming enough to send you into another burnout spiral. However, with the right habits, rituals and routines, it’s possible to break the ongoing cycle of burnout once and for all, boosting your energy, focus and productivity so you can actually get your shit together without destroying your health in the process.

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It’s easy to only reach for self-care in a mad panic when you’re on the brink of burnout and looking for a quick fix. We’ve all been there, but building regular habits helps you reset so much faster when your energy levels are low. Building a reset toolkit is all about finding what works for you.

Whether you're forever chasing after the ultimate energising sounds to get you out of bed in the morning or new yoga classes to try out, we've got you. Our sound healing series can help you find that ever-elusive sense of calm. We even tried energy-boosting vitamin injections so you don't have to (or do, if you like what you see!)

So, whatever you need to feel focused and productive, we’ve curated a selection of revitalising products to reset your body and mind and make life easier. From nootropic capsules for mental fatigue to eye care kits for screen-weary eyes. Time to hit the reset button.

Align your body and mind with a one-to-one hypnotherapy session. The evidence-based therapy helps to access untapped resources in your body, allowing long lasting transformation while leaving you feeling renewed and inspired for the day ahead.

Screen addiction is basically a symptom of modern life at this point. Most of us spend our days shifting focus between laptops, phones and tablets enough to clock some pretty impressive weekly screen times. If running away to live in the woods cut off from technology isn’t accessible or desirable to you, Peep Club’s screen saviour kit can help combat some of the ill effects of staring at screens all day. It includes a heated eye wand and instant relief eye spray to soothe, nourish and protect your entire eye area against dry eye symptoms while boosting collagen production and elasticity.

Nootropics have been getting a lot of wellness hype lately, not least because of Bella Hadid’s line of drinks containing them. But we say, believe the hype. Innermost’s nootropic capsules naturally improve focus, processing and cognitive function while reducing mental fatigue. The formula combines plants, herbs and amino acids to help you get your head down in time for your next big deadline.


8am mood oil

8am mood oil

Our Projects
£ 19.00

If 8AM is your favourite time of day, good for you. For the rest of us, however, who resentfully peel our heads from the pillow each morning, Our Project has created a mood oil to make those early hours more bearable. Add it to your body lotion, face mask, yoga mat or diffuser for a gentle start to the day. Blissful scents of bergamot, orange and grapefruit give you a refreshing mood boost. It turns out that coffee isn’t the only way to enjoy mornings.

Sometimes what you need to reset is a little bit of retail therapy. Wearing bright colours can boost your mood and energy. After all, if you look good, you’re more likely to feel good. Shrimps' Queenie vest is crafted from cosy lightweight merino wool with playful hand stitched bobbles and a cheeky cherry motif. This versatile layering piece is an instant style reset.

Somehow keeping a plant alive helps us feel like we’ve got your shit together even when we haven’t. Buying a new house plant is a great first step to resetting your space, routine and mindset. Leaf Envy’s Calathea Orbifolia can live in lower light levels so it’s perfect for brightening up a dark room that gets little natural light.

The right start to the day makes all the difference. Instead of being jolted awake by the sudden, abrasive sound of the default iPhone alarm, Lumie’s Bodyclock gently wakes you up using a gradual 30-minute ‘sunrise simulation.’ This is especially helpful in winter if you’re used to waking up in the dark as it resets your internal body clock to boost mood, productivity and energy levels.

Downward dog to end your downward spiral. Yogi Bare’s leafy green yoga mat helps you feel like you’re somewhere tropical even if your practice takes place in your bedroom. Having a fun yoga mat just makes working out more enjoyable, whether you’re heading to a class or following a YouTube video. This one comes with a black carry strap for taking it out and about and a tropical stretch strap to improve flexibility. So, ready, set, stretch.

Literally reset your energy with Ajouter’s sage ritual kit to cleanse and purify. The kit comes with Palo Santo, two types of sage and a powerful cleansing stone white selenite that’s charged by the moon and sun. Smudging is a ceremony used by many indigenous cultures to relax the body, mind and soul while cleansing any negative energy.

There’s nothing like a shower for an instant reset. Tired? Take a shower. Sad? Have a shower cry. Hungover? Get up and shower. The only thing that makes a shower even more refreshing is citrusy shower products. Fiils’ refillable lemongrass hair duo for normal to oily hair cleanses, tones and deodorises hair for healthy, luscious locks. Because feeling fresh starts from the head down.

So, you’ve worked through your daily reset routine and it’s finally time to get cosy in bed. Kinfolk’s Great Outdoors issue makes dreamy reading material if you’re in the mood for some informative escapism. Garden creators, fashion designers, explorers and underwater archeologists come together to share their thoughts on human engagement with nature. It also includes lush green editorials and an interview with Yoga with Adriene.

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