the best pair of leggings for every type of runner

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16 Jan 2023
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Whether you're a light jogger or training for a marathon, here’s our guide to the best running leggings

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words Lucy O'Brien

Its always a good time to take up new hobbies, try new things and set new goals. If for you, one of these goals includes taking up regular running, the number one most important thing to do is just get out there. Running requires nothing more than just you and the open road. Well, maybe a pair of trainers if you value your knees.

That being said, the right running gear can offer a bit of a boost in helping you take that first step out of the front door. If you look good, you're far more likely to feel good too.

The right pair of running leggings are key. They will fit you both correctly and comfortably while helping to optimise the effectiveness of your exercise. The wrong activewear can be the difference between a good and a bad run – there’s no worse feeling than a waistband that you have to constantly pull up, feeling the nuisance of an improper fit or constantly worrying if the stretch fabric is too sheer.

We want you to have everything you need to feel your very best on your jogs and so we’ve rounded up the best running leggings for all skill levels and preferences. Into speed-walking rather than a flat-out sprint? You’ll be after a looser, more flexible fit. Working on finessing your mobility and reaching a new personal best? We’ve got high-performance, muscular compression leggings for that. Scroll down to discover more options for yourself. On your marks, get set, go!

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