Destress with ChromaYoga’s restorative yoga class

2 mins
14 Apr 2022
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Tune out and focus on releasing stressful emotional energy in this restorative ChromaYoga class, which combines gentle stretching, breathwork, and opening poses

Say hello (and om) to a new form of yoga. ChromaYoga.

Whether you're a beginner looking to figure out which type of yoga is for you, or you're a seasoned yogi looking to broaden horizons, you might not have heard of ChromaYoga before. This form of yoga is a revolutionary approach to the practice deriving from ancient India.

In sessions, which you can watch on Woo, a mixture of traditional yoga styles combine with light therapy, colour psychology techniques, soundscapes designed to stimulate the brain, and (at IRL sessions) bespoke naturally-derived scents. Why? To create a holistic multi-sensory yoga session that you become totally immersed in.

Stressed out? We’ve got just the thing - a restorative class from (who else?) ChromaYoga, which combines gentle stretching, breathwork, and opening poses. Easy to follow and enjoy at home, without a need for any fancy equipment, the class helps you reconnect with your breath, release pent-up tension and slow your body down.

Soothing noises and sounds - including gentle waves - help you to tune out of the frenzied work week, open up your brain and let go of stressful thoughts. This couples up with psychedelic pink and blue moving lights, which encourages you to get lost in the experience and to say goodbye to negative energy.

Whatever your reason for needing to unwind, this session is designed to give you a much-needed dose of relaxation and to destress physically and mentally. It’s a great technique for cultivating mindfulness and a calm state of mind.

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