“I can achieve anything” - scaling edinburgh’s heights

In the first of our series, woo and New Balance meet Adele, whose running club We Run Edinburgh sets out to bring women together…

In the first of our series, woo and New Balance meet Adele, whose running club We Run Edinburgh sets out to bring women together…

By Team Woo16 Mar 2023
4 mins read time
4 mins read time

Hurtling down the Royal Mile to watch the sunset over Leith, scaling Arthur’s Seat, trotting up and down Edinburgh’s very many stairs; the first of woo and New Balance’s series of videos casting a light on the many diverse running clubs across the UK takes us to Scotland’s capital.

Our trip to Edinburgh sees BeBe, a fashion stylist and content creator, get into running for the first time ever with Adele, a member of We Run Edinburgh. This running club is for women seeking a sense of community, routine and a desire to simply get out and about more.

We caught up with Adele to find out a bit more about what motivates her, how being part of a club keeps her in step with her community and how running her city helps her get a new perspective on where she lives.

Adele is a founder member of We Run and has been traversing Edinburgh’s cobbles and hills and steps and green spaces for the past five years as a result. “It’s the best motivation to get out for a run when you sometimes aren’t feeling it.”, she explains, adding “Running with the group means I can discover new places, different members take charge of the routes we follow and it keeps it interesting. We are so blessed in Edinburgh with amazing green spaces and areas away from the main streets."

It’s not only Edinburgh she’ll run through, though, as running is a hobby she can take with her “on holiday or work trips, I love the opportunity to run through different cities as it’s a great way to explore.”

Back home in Scotland, though, running can feel like a holiday, too, because “Running in the city means that you can be a tourist at home, and also gives perspective on where you live and the atmosphere at different times of day. It’s a great way to get to know where you’re from and the freedom you can have at home.”

It’s also a handier - or footsier - version of public transport: “I often use it to get from A to B too, instead of public transport, to take advantage of the fresh air and quieter spaces in town without having to carve out specific down-time to do that.”

And when Adele has got some of that ever-elusive specific down-time, she’ll run with her club: “I love the company, I don’t even notice the miles tick by, as we are chatting and having fun. It means that on rainy, windy, snowy, dark nights when I might not want to leave the house, I know my team is waiting for me to inspire me and make me run further.

“It’s a great way to do some easy miles, too, at a relaxed pace. Or to run with faster runners who can lead you towards your goals. There’s always a positive to be taken from running with others, it just depends on what you want to achieve.”

Running brings joy to Adele, because “it helps my mental health, giving me time away from a hectic life running a business and raising a daughter. I feel strong, and like I can achieve anything. It’s a challenge to run, and something to feel proud of. I’m always in a better mood, and energised after a run. It’s a priority in my life, for maintaining physical and mental health, so it’s not hard to get motivated to run, as I can feel the benefits instantly.”

“It also gives me space for myself, makes me feel strong and confident, helps me think better, gives me more energy even if I feel tired before I run, has brought me more friends, and makes me feel proud.”

And being part of a community is all part of that, Adele explains: “It’s made the sport more sociable for me. I’m naturally shy but have met so many amazing women through the run club, some of whom I’m now great friends with.”

If you’re keen on running but looking for some extra motivation, Adele’s got some wise words of encouragement for you: “I would encourage anyone to run, even if you think you can’t. I never thought I’d be running marathons and that running would be such a big part of my life this many years down the line, and unless I physically can’t run, it’ll be a part of my life forever.

“Running as part of the club has made it easier to keep it going in my life, as there’s always someone there to run with and pick you up when you’re down, and help you to reach your goals.”

This article has been brought to you in partnership with New Balance, which is working to get people on the move with its 2023 TCS London Marathon range.