Coperni's cyborgian Crufts was best in show

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06 Mar 2023
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After spray-painting Bella Hadid last season, the French brand unleashed a pack of Boston Dynamics dogs onto the runway for AW23

image Peter White/Getty Images

words Megan Wallace

With fashion weeks in New York, London and Milan behind us, the world (and harried fashion editors) turned to the French capital last week for a dose of Parisian glamour and sophisticated runway style. And while that was delivered, and then some, there were also some moments which were a bit more left field. Or should we say left bank?

The standout among these was at Coperni, the French designer known for its minuscule swipe bags which, famously, were interpreted in glass by NYC homeware brand Heven (not to be confused with the Marc Jacobs' diffusion brand by a similar name). Founded in 2013 by Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant, Coperni is no stranger to viral runway moments and last season made headlines and FYPs for spray painting a nude Bella Hadid with Fabrican (a liquid which becomes fabric-like when in contact with air) on the runway in order to make a white midi dress. Talk about fast fashion!

Now, they're back at it — this time tapping some canine friends to help stir up another viral social media moment. Specifically, the fashion house collaborated with the robotics company Boston Dynamics to bring a pack of cyberogian rover dogs onto the runway. And they weren’t just there as eye candy: these dogs were put to work. Some of their duties included interacting with the audience members, serving as a handbag rack for Lila Moss and snuggling up with Rianne Van Rompaey, before taking a jacket off of her shoulders.

There we have it, the robots are even coming for supermodels' jobs….

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