how to level up your next park date

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04 May 2023
how to level up your next park date

Forget sitting on your coat eating cocktail sausages, this is how you do a park hang

image Cruel Intentions, 1999, Colombia Pictures

words Rhys Thomas

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TOUCH GRASS. It’s the time of the year where you can. Where you can sit outside, feel dry little green spikes against the palms of your hands, smell some flowers, see lots of dogs, quench hot thirst with a nice cold can of whatever, see people laying down with shirts over their eyes, hear laughter and prosecco popping, and practically taste the barbecue food sizzling in the corner of the park. The park, yes, that’s where you are, it’s park season.

Being in nature is a blissful existence for many of us. Studies have shown that immersion in nature is good for our wellbeing (of course!) As well as that, parks offer us a place of sanctuary: nice aesthetic greens and flowers, places to run around, lay on the floor and more, and for those of us without access to gardens and larger greenery, they’re incredibly important parts of anywhere we call home.

Despite the ideal vibes, we can always look to maximise the feel-good factor of a park trip. Whether it is a date and you want to make things cute, considered and cosy, or just a solo trip that you want to leave you feeling especially ‘main character’ these items are hand picked to help you reach peak park. And given you’re milling about a free place soaking up rays and getting slightly dusty bums, there’s less guilt involved in spending a little money on vibes elevation.

lay down!



Wavey Casa

Made from acrylic yarn, this ravey wavey colourful knitted blanket is sure to put a spring in anyone’s step. If anything, it’s giving Copacabana Beach. A real pop of colour that’ll dazzle in the sun and make the world feel brighter. Plus, you know, keep you off the muddier bits and help to have less bugs up your legs.

always wear protection

Saltee Daily Sun Collection

Saltee Daily Sun Collection


Okay less of an elevation, more of an essential. But a solid SPF for face, and another for body, that’ll keep you protected from those rays all day long without leaving things greasy and gross. The face protection is SPF 50, while the body is SPF 30.

be censible

Bog Myrtle Incense Cones

Bog Myrtle Incense Cones


Incense at the park is a huge, huge, huge shout (I, the writer, bring incense to the park all the time, and this specific one frequently!) it adds a smoke to the air that reminds of fires, you’ll have less flies getting on your nerves around sunset, the fragrances are great yet won’t have you coughing everywhere, because you’re outdoors. Try it!

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Shaker Bottle

Shaker Bottle


You could use this bottle to stay hydrated with water and lemon, or just a load of frozen lemons and ice that melt slowly through the day mmm, or you know, it could be a handy vessel to decant a bit of a bottle of something into so you and your date aren’t having to pass the bottle. Alternatively, pass the bottle, that’s kinda cute! And then pass this bottle with the ice and the lemon in to keep hydrated. Wellness!

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