10 Products to nail the ‘no makeup’ makeup look

1 mins
08 Aug 2022
No makeup makeup tips

How to get the glowy, moist look of bare-face beauty with these makeup bag must-haves

image Bertie Warner

words Brit Dawson

One of the most enviable makeup looks frequently depicted in films seems like it involves no makeup at all. It's when an actor ‘wakes up’ in the morning and, unlike our haggard 8AM reality, they look dewy and glowing whilst seemingly bare faced. That’s because their makeup artists have mastered the ‘no makeup makeup’ look – a trick to keep you looking fresh and glam when you’re not in the mood for a statement look.

Of course, you don’t need to be a Hollywood actor with a professional crew around you to nail the no makeup makeup look – there’s plenty of products out there to enable you to master it yourself. Not to mention a plethora of TikTok tutorials to help you get started. To launch you into your au naturel journey, we’ve rounded up a handful of essentials that will have you looking like Julia Roberts in Notting Hill. Well, er, maybe.


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