15 activewear items for all your resolutions

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05 Jan 2023
15 activewear items for all your resolutions

Whether you’re looking to run or nap better this year, the list will help you well on your way to resolution in the new year 2023

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words Rhys Thomas

Doing things can be hard. HARD! A habit is formed in 61 days, they say, but they don't say that those sixty plus one days are often pretty difficult. Thing is, creating positive changes is usually very much worth it.

So we’re here to help you out. We got your back. Whether the new you is going to be hitting the gym, having better sex, or just looking to sleep better, we’ve curated a bunch of the products on our own (already specially curated) website that are on sale too, so you’ll be getting a sweet deal to sweeten the deal you’ve made with yourself! Okay, let’s go…

You can wear essential oils, you know?

Sweet Dreams Diffuser Blend

Sweet Dreams Diffuser Blend

Clarity Blend

If a resolution is to improve sleep hygiene, or to generally feel calm and to disconnect, here’s an idea. Wear some good essential oils that are blended to help with the issue you’re trying to overcome. This one is a blend of lavender, frankincense, and geranium – ideally for calming a busy mind, promoting sleep, and relieving tension. A drop or two on your wrists and inhale, or put it in a diffuser to get the vibe for your whole room.

A cock ring

Adjustable Vibrating Cock Ring

Adjustable Vibrating Cock Ring

So Divine

Looking for better sex this year? A cock ring is something you wear that can help sex to feel better, in terms of helping you to last longer but also have more intense climaxes. This ring from So Divine is adjustable, so you can be sure it’ll fit you just right. It vibrates with ten different functions too, seven patterns and three speeds. You’ll find something you like in no time!

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