Men, here’s your winter style guide

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17 Nov 2022
Men, here’s your winter style guide

Relax lads, everything you need for the cold is right here…

image A Rainy Day in New York / Gravier Productions

words Rhys Thomas

Winter is here, let alone coming. Them rains and winds, here. Chilly vibes, cupping ceramics full of tea vibes, wondering about getting a Christmas tree vibes, all here. Your wardrobe? Getting there. Some broken zips, exactly three jumpers that look the same, and a raincoat. It’s a good start.

But if you are in the market for new winter clothing, or would like to have a little browse of what the possible upgrades might be, then you're in the right place. From overlooked essentials like sunglasses, to outright necessities like hoodies, we’ve curated a bunch of the best here. Best materials (for you and the environment), sleek, trippy designs and outright cool things that’ll help you feel good and express yourself even if the weather is too cold for typical comfort.

Think layers to combat dreary weather changes but with some personality, maybe even some fun. Classic sweaters are always key, of course. But sometimes, a luxe knitted beanie can also make a huge statement (while saving you slightly if you’re caught without a coat. Thought and function, from slacker to sleek. Easy. Here’s everything you’ll need:

kick it



New Balance


It's a silly belief that boots are the only footwear necessary in the winter. What about those rare in-between days when the sun peeks and you want to dress lighter, freer and happier? For those moments of pure joy, you need trainers. And not just any trainers, but those that add a spring in your step. And nothing spells retro liberation better than these New Balance kicks, a classic that always steals the show.

lounge in bed

Velour Bathrobe in Black

Velour Bathrobe in Black

House Babylon


Few feelings are worse than stepping out of a warm shower into a chilly room and struggling to find the right underwear. With this plush velour bathrobe, crafted from organic Turkish cotton, feel free to lounge in bed and take a quick nap before the getting ready process. Winter style is just as essential for the inside as it is for the outside and this bathrobe is a true embodiment of that oft-forgotten feeling. Enjoy!

sun still exists

Nelson Crystal Frame - Green Solid Lens

Nelson Crystal Frame - Green Solid Lens

Monokel Eyewear


Winter is actually a great time to get a steal on some sunglasses, because people forget the sun comes out (and lower, so it’s also often more in your eyes than it is in the summer). So don’t be sleeping on sunnies. Frankly, this pair from Monokel is too nice to not mention. Very sleek.

pack it in

The Adventurer' Recycled Roll-Top Backpack in Navy

The Adventurer' Recycled Roll-Top Backpack in Navy

Junkbox Apparel


Those layers, socks, a hat, gloves. LIP BALM. It needs to go somewhere, and the answer is not your pockets. Nobody likes pockets that are crammed. Just use a small durable rucksack, ideally made from recycled materials and tastefully designed, like this one.

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