what crystal do I need?

Whether you're a crystals beginner or pro, an expert answers the time-old question; "What crystal do I need?"

What crystal do I need?
photo: Catherine Delahaye / Getty
What crystal do I need?
photo: Catherine Delahaye / Getty

Whether you're a crystals beginner or pro, an expert answers the time-old question; "What crystal do I need?"

By Sophie Williams28 Dec 2022
6 mins read time
6 mins read time

From amethyst to black tourmaline to rose quartz to carnelian, crystals and rituals have massively grown in popularity over the past year - especially amongst Gen-Z. In fact, TikTok’s very own #crystaltok trend - where people share their manifestation success stories and show off their crystal collections - has over 5.5 billion views and counting. But amongst all the info out there online and on social, the very basic questions like "what crystal do I need?" can get lost. With that in mind, here's our handy guide.

What crystal do I need?

The theory is that certain minerals contain qualities that can rebalance a person’s magnetic field, reducing negative vibes and replacing them with positive ones.

According to Alice Foley Fae, crystal healer and reiki master, “crystals are energetic beings just like us. They are the Earth's energetic DNA and have been used for millennia to heal and bring balance.”

“They’re formed by natural alignments of minerals over a long period of time, and each one is completely unique.”

Explaining that holding onto a crystal or placing it on a body part, around you, or simply having one nearby can “change the vibration of your aura,” Alice added that’s the reason they’re used for many purposes, including:

  • Healing on a physical and energetic level
  • Raising your energetic vibration
  • Protecting your energy field
  • Bringing a certain vibrational frequency into your life, such as joy, abundance, love, calming, or energising

So, with this info, along with a study from Stress Matters that found that over “80% of Gen-Z have a sense of spirituality and believe in cosmic power,” you’re probably now asking yourself the question; what crystals do I need?

Crystals for manifesting

Alice says that crystals “work in accordance to our own energy system. As there are so many varieties - some that hold similar properties - when choosing your crystals, listen to what your intuition is telling you you need.” In terms of manifesting, she suggests three different crystals to try: Citrine, Aventurine and Pyrite.

The Citrine is a yellow quartz stone, and it’s been around for thousands of years. It belongs to the quartz family, a collection of crystals that include rose, clear, and smoky quartz.

Adventurine is a style of quartz and belongs to the mineral class of Chalcedony. Most will recognise it as being green, but it can also be found in red, orange, blue, brown and grey shades.

Pyrite is a gemstone also known as “Fool’s Gold.” (No - not the Amy Winehouse 2003 B-side.) It’s an iron sulfide mineral that has a brassy colour, hence the nickname.

For Alice, if she were to pick her favourite out of the three for manifesting, it would be Citrine.

“The energy of this crystal is all about your power, your self-worth, and calling in abundance into your life,” she says. “So this crystal helps you to be in the perfect energy and mindset for manifesting.”

Crystals for meditation

Like crystals, meditation has been around for a looong time. Archaeologists have dated the practice back to as early as 5,000 BCE and have linked it to religions in ancient Egypt and China, plus Hinduism, Judaism, Jainism, Sikhism and, naturally, Buddhism.

These days, it’s a free-for-all, and amongst the wellness space has become a popular self-care method for the younger generation.

So it’s no surprise people say crystals can provide a helping hand.

According to Alice, if you want to meditate for calming purposes and to prevent stress, Amethyst is your gal.

“This crystal has been used for centuries for calming the mind and promoting peace, and can also enhance a higher state of consciousness,” she explains.

Or, if you’re after something more awakening, “Labradorite is known as the 'mystics crystal.’”

“It works with the third eye chakra, opening your mind to the possibility of magic.”

Crystals for healing

Crystal healing is another alt technique that’s designed to stimulate natural healing energy.

The stones are meant to act as healing channels, drawing out positive, curing energies that flow into the body to counteract negative, disease-causing ones.

Alice says that Quartz is the “master healer” because of its high vibrational properties. This means it amplifies our energy and can quickly penetrate through our energy system to “heal and balance our chakras (energy centres) or areas of disease.”

“I have used this crystal with clients who have suffered with chronic illnesses and it has worked wonders,” she adds.

What crystal do I need for anxiety?

Members of Gen Z are “growing up in an age of increased stress and anxiety,” says the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

In their article about the generation and mental health, it’s reported via the Pew Research Center that “some 70% of teens across all gen­ders, races and fam­i­ly-income lev­els say that anx­i­ety and depres­sion are sig­nif­i­cant prob­lems among their peers.”

Despite a higher percentage of this age range being impacted by their mental health compared to older generations, they revealed that Gen Z is more likely to seek help. This includes giving alternative therapies a go.

“Lepidolite is my favourite for anxiety as it contains lithium,” Alice says.

It’s widely known that lithium is used in anti-anxiety medications as it’s a mood stabiliser. According to Alice, this crystal has a “gentle and calming energy helping to balance emotional stress and calm the nervous system.”

Plus, as a platform whose mission is to literally turn generation anxious into generation zen, we can absolutely get on board with trying this crystal.

Love crystals

From the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina to Harry Potter, love spells and potions have had their fair share of pop culture moments. So it’s no surprise there’s a crystal dedicated to attracting love. Rose Quartz is Alice’s “all-time favourite for attracting love into your life.”

Of course, there’s no way a crystal can actually cause someone to fall in love with you - it’s more about creating a shift in energy and looking inwards. For example, she says it teaches you to fill your own heart space with love and compassion and purifies and opens the heart for unconditional love.

Alice recommends placing the Rose Quartz “by your bedside or in the relationship corner of your home (farthest right).”

Crystals for beginners

Whether you’re looking for love, searching for anxiety-ridding techniques, or all of the above, there’s a crystal with your name on it.

And if you’ve never used crystals as a self-care ritual before, Alice also shares her favourite stones for newbies, some of which have already been mentioned. From using Amethyst to calm the mind to Citrine for boosting self-confidence and manifesting, here are some other choices so you can get your crystal-healing on:

  • Quartz- high vibrational, master healer
  • Rose Quartz - unconditional love
  • Black Tourmaline - protecting your energy
  • Carnelian - bringing a sense of joy & creativity into your life
  • Red Jasper - grounding you to our earth and bringing you into the present moment

Oh, and if you're a crystal newbie here's your reminder to cleanse and charge your crystals to get rid of negative accumulated energy and fill them up with good vibes...