Getting into yoga with ChromaYoga

2 mins
20 Apr 2022
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Welcome to STUDIO CHROMA, a creative studio curating experiences for radical well-being that will help you stretch, breath, and reset

Say hello (and om) to a new form of yoga. ChromaYoga.

Whether you're a beginner looking to figure out which type of yoga is for you, or you're a seasoned yogi looking to broaden horizons, you might not have heard of ChromaYoga before. This form of yoga is a revolutionary approach to the practice deriving from ancient India.

In sessions, which you can watch on Woo, a mixture of traditional yoga styles combine with light therapy, colour psychology techniques, soundscapes designed to stimulate the brain, and (at IRL sessions) bespoke naturally-derived scents. Why? To create a holistic multi-sensory yoga session that you become totally immersed in.

It’s all the benefits of yoga, but with the addition of stimulating your senses in various ways. This could be to energize or to calm down, to help improve heart health, or sleep.

Focus, reset and get your life together

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Nina Ryner developed the method. She has worked across the creative industries, and wanted to bring the magic of immersive experiences and creativity she worked with daily into her yoga sessions. Inspiration is taken from art installations and experiences, but Ryner has also done yoga for years and was careful to create a harmonious blend between these ancient healing practises and innovative technology to create something new and powerful.

Classes are lit with monochromatic light (which means the entire room becomes pink or orange or blue or, well you get the idea), and this is done to provoke responses in our body. A lot of research exists around colour and psychology, and our eyes are treated to it in these sessions. One of the effects of this is that it works as an antidote to blue light, and helps us to relieve anxiety.

Sound is incorportated in a similarly therapeutic way to light. Each class has its own specially choreographed soundtrack, and these emulate frequencies our brains produce. They can be used to help focus, calm the mind and more.

Smell too, borrows from aromatherapy to help elevate the yoga experience even more. It might be a lot to think about, but you just do the yoga as normal and your wonderful subconscious figures out there rest!

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