How to get TikTok’s weird girl aesthetic

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19 Dec 2022
How to get TikTok’s weird girl aesthetic

Shop the maximalist trend beloved by TikTok and Bella Hadid

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Gorpcore, balletcore, goblincore, cottagecore… If you’re tired of TikTok’s neverending churn of cores, we don’t blame you. What if you want to experiment with fashion without signing up to every microtrend? Enter: the ‘weird girl aesthetic.’

The name itself was popularised thanks to a viral tweet from the account @kaiageber earlier this year that drew attention to celebrities and influencers like Bella Hadid, Emma Chamberlain, Dua Lipa and Emma Emhoff increasingly adopting purposefully clashing, maximalist modes of dress. While the trend has been described as “weird” or “anti-fashion,” 1.2 million TikTok views show that it’s gained a stamp of approval from the mainstream.

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The eclectic aesthetic is a fresh take on dopamine dressing, favouring mixed textures and colourful patterns rather than the former’s emphasis on bright hues. It’s heavily influenced by Japanese Harajuku fashion’s rainbow colour palettes and maximalist ruffles. Brands like Marc Jacobs’ Heaven, Collina Strada and Chopova Lowena are spearheading the look with kitsch accessories, clashing prints and chaotic layering.

At its core, the weird girl aesthetic is an expression of bold individuality, so it might seem counterintuitive to offer a guide for how to get the look. That said, there are certain staples that every self-professed weird girl has in her wardrobe. From textured knits and patterned beanies to kitsch shoulder bags and clashing graphics, shop our weird girl edit below.


Bondage Knit Jumper

Bondage Knit Jumper

The Ragged Priest

Incorporating elements of DIY knitwear trends, the weird girl aesthetic favours oversized jumpers, crochet and ripped sweaters. With bold stripes and chain details, this lurid green Ragged Priest jumper is just the ticket.


Icon Gloves

Icon Gloves

The Ragged Priest

A large part of the weird girl trend is about accessorising with the unexpected. Emo-inspired fur trimmed plaid gloves? Why the hell not!

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