A guide to Emma Chamberlain’s dreamy LA home

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06 Dec 2022
A guide to Emma Chamberlain’s dreamy LA home

Here’s how to imitate the YouTuber’s viral interior space

image Bertie Warner

words Sophie Lou Wilson

When Emma Chamberlain’s house tour dropped earlier this year, we all collectively coveted the space and criticised our younger selves for not having the foresight to start a YouTube channel and become viral sensations. The bright and airy LA home is an eclectic mix of earthy tones, one-of-a-kind art and marble surfaces. Emma described it as “a mixture of everything I love.”

Essentially, it looks like a dream life Pinterest board and that’s pretty much how it started out. “I’m a mood board type of girl,” Emma told Architectural Digest. “I scoured every corner of the internet, every weird, deep hole on Pinterest.” With the help of interior designers Ashley Drost and Marie Trohman from Proem Studio, she brought the moodboard to life.

While our lives can’t all look like Pinterest boards with multi-million dollar mansions and swimming pools at 21-years-old, you can still take some aesthetic cues from Emma’s home tour to create a tranquil sanctuary for yourself. Instead of beating yourself up for not starting a YouTube channel as a pre-teen, shop our edit of earthy, minimalist homewares to give your space an Emma Chamberlain-esque update.

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Hand Painted Check Cushion

Hand Painted Check Cushion

510 Laundry

Neutral homewares help cultivate a cosy, cabinlike feel in Emma’s home. This check cushion has been hand painted onto a soft recycled calico. Each cushion is unique with colour variations being part of the charm. You may even see faint pencil marks from when the design was being placed before painting, matching the unique, artistic atmosphere of Emma’s deeply personal space.


Checkerboard Wonky Vase

Checkerboard Wonky Vase

Ceramic Room

Emma’s home is filled with crafty, idiosyncratic ornaments that make the space truly unique. Ceramic Room’s wonky vases are just the trick for adding some of that playful, creative energy to your own space. They’re made using air-dry clay then hand painted with a purposefully naive finish.




She's Lost Control

Green is one of Emma’s favourite colours as evidenced by her all-green kitchen. These green calcite crystals match that vibe while providing refreshing, calming and cooling energy.


Halo SAD Therapy Light

Halo SAD Therapy Light


Perhaps the most enviable fixture of Emma’s home is the amount of natural light it gets, but sadly, we can’t all live in a sunny LA home with lots of windows. If you’re stuck in a cold, dark room that gets approximately 30 minutes of natural light per day this time of year, consider investing in a SAD lamp. This one from Lumie simulates sunlight to boost your mood and energy. Plus, it looks cute too.


Exfoliating Hand Cleanser

Exfoliating Hand Cleanser


Add a little luxury to your everyday with Pelegrims gently exfoliating hand cleanser that helps repair and hydrate the skin while looking like a beautiful ornament in its own right. Crushed walnut shell buffs away dead skin cells while English Ortega Grape Vine Extract leaves hands feeling soft and healed.

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