A guide to Dua Lipa's viral personal style

From Y2K realness to slinky catsuits, here’s your go-to guide to pop’s best dressed star

Hero image in post
Hero image in post

From Y2K realness to slinky catsuits, here’s your go-to guide to pop’s best dressed star

By Sophie Lou Wilson19 Aug 2022
5 mins read time
5 mins read time

Whether she’s opening shows at Milan Fashion Week or stepping out in 90s-infused utility wear, Dua Lipa’s covetable personal style is as catchy as her upbeat pop hooks. With long term stylist, Lorenzo Posocco, she’s spearheaded every cool girl trend in recent memory, from Y2K butterfly tops to the return of the bodysuit. If Dua’s wearing it, it’s probably cool – and if it’s not already, it will be soon.

Since breaking onto the scene in 2015 with debut single ‘New Love’, her style has gone through several evolutions, from edgy Tumblr kid to on-stage trendsetter and internet-breaking street style queen. She’s elevated brands from Marine Serre to Mugler into the mainstream cultural consciousness, possessing that magnetic quality that transforms every outfit into a true fashion moment. Like fellow style icon du jour Bella Hadid, Dua isn’t afraid to experiment. She often mixes vintage archival pieces – we love a sustainable queen! – with clothes from younger brands like Maximilian, Martine Rose and Mowalia.

Dua’s look isn't formulaic. After all, true style is about attitude, not just clothes. But knowing the ingredients that make up a lot of her outfits is a good place to start if you want to replicate her style. To celebrate the singer’s 27th birthday, we dissect her legendary personal style to discover the wardrobe staples that make it so irresistibly alluring.

Coveted corsetry

Corsets have had quite a rebrand of late. Banishing associations with oppressive Victorian dress and making the move from underwear to outerwear, they've long been an it girl street style fav. Dua makes a convincing case for the casual corset, – hers are usually from Sydney-based brand Dion Lee – styled with low-rise cargo pants or baggy denim. She’s always been a fan of the lingerie trend, experimenting with BDSM-style harnesses in the 'Don’t Start Now' music video in 2019. Here, she innovates once more by wearing her corset slightly loose and open instead of cinching it in.

Baseball babe

While she left her sporty on-stage style in 2017 to opt for a more hyper-feminine Y2K look, the humble baseball cap remained. Whether dressed up or down, no Dua look is complete without it. The grungy accessory is a staple, topping off her 90s-inspired style. Anything goes – from plain black to hot pink; cartoons to ironic slogans and logos. So next time you think only glam accessories can go with a party dress, do it like Dua and finish the look with a vintage baseball cap instead.

Versace girl

Dua may dress in many different brands, but at heart she’s a Versace girl. Her love affair with the label goes back years and she’s often seen sporting their shimmering minis, gold chains and safety pin dresses on the red carpet. She was the face of their Autumn/Winter 2021 campaign and even made her runway debut opening for the Milan Fashion Week show last September. And let’s not forget her camp 2019 Met Gala look, a brightly patterned silk peplum gown by Atelier Versace, worn with a matching manicure and matching tights. She understood the assignment.

Marine Serre moons

With the help of Dua Lipa, Marine Serre became the it brand of 2020. The singer wore a dress from the cult French brand on the cover of Future Nostalgia single ‘Physical’ and the promotional images were featured on posters everywhere. Then later that year, when Dua collaborated with Belgian pop star Angèle ‘Fever’, Marine Serre adorned the cover once more as Angèle wore the iconic moon print bodysuit in red and black. Dua is a fan of the brand off-duty as well, wearing their ribbed white vests, leggings and leotards. The label continues to be a celeb fav, proving that if Dua wears something, it’s about to go stratospheric.

Sparkle minis

There’s really nothing Dua loves more than a sparkly mini dress. And we’re not just talking about a little bit of sparkle. These are blinding, glitter ball-esque shimmering spectacles – ultimate party girl pieces. Think Paris Hilton’s iconic 21st birthday look on E-numbers and candyfloss. It feels like Dua is cosplaying as what a popstar looks like in the popular imagination, drawing from Y2K girl group influences. It’s a foolproof formula that works time and time again. Remember, matching super sparkly eye shadow is a must.

Mugler moment

It’s only right to finish with the Future Nostalgia tour wardrobe. With the Mugler catsuit, Dua’s style icon status ascended to new heights. She wore a custom high glam iteration during her livestream lockdown performance at the end of 2020. Meanwhile her 2022 arena tour was outfitted exclusively by the house of Mugler. Since then, she’s worn lacy neon and panelled dominatrix pieces, ushering in a bodysuit renaissance in pop and cementing her status as one of the most stylish women in music.