Dress the Wednesday Addams look with this gothic guide

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02 Dec 2022
Dress the Wednesday Addams look with this gothic guide

From emo casuals to vampiric gowns, here’s how to achieve Wednesday’s gloomy, gothic look

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words Sophie Lou Wilson

Whatever you think of Tim Burton’s record-breaking new Netflix series Wednesday, there’s no denying that Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday Addams serves some serious looks. The character's head-to-toe black outfits and apathetic attitude have made her the patron saint of misunderstood, angsty teens everywhere.

The OG goth girl is famously “allergic to colour” and her signature look of austere plaits and black collared dresses is a go-to Halloween costume for alt sad-girls ever since Christina Ricci’s incarnation in the 1991 movie adaptation of The Addams Family. But any true Wednesday fan knows that Halloween is every day if you want it to be. A dark amalgamation of gothic extravagance, emo casual and preppy twee, Wednesday-inspired outfits have taken TikTok by storm as fans dress up in a series of serious blazers, flouncy black dresses and long coats.

Meanwhile, the goth comeback is in full swing on the runway too with designers from Versace and Rick Owens to Dilara Findikoglu and The Vampire’s Wife embracing a dark and dreamy aesthetic that would make Wednesday proud. While the Addams’ daughter’s style is as much about her stormy attitude as it is about clothes, you can imitate her wardrobe even if you don’t share her unblinking scowl, obsession with death or passion for abject misery.

The only fashion rule you need to know is that black is best so, below, we’ve curated a selection of Wednesday Addams-approved all-black fashion that goes with everything.


The Way Home Skort in Black

The Way Home Skort in Black

FP Movement


Wednesday’s fashion isn’t all doom and gloom. It's playful too. This skort has a high, smocked waistband and skirt overlay at the front. It’s fun and functional without sacrificing the darkness.

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