How to get the 80s kid style of Stranger Things

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07 Jul 2022
How to get the 80s kid style of Stranger Things

Keep running up that hill, but do it in style

words Louis Staples

Right now, it feels like half the world is collectively streaming the final episodes of season 4 of* Stranger Things*. And the other half is busy streaming “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush, which the show catapulted to the top of the charts 40 years on. Between these two pop culture milestones, the 1980s feels like it’s having a major moment.

Beyond the extra-terrestrial drama, iconic soundtrack and Winona Ryder screaming, one of the best things about Netflix’s most-watched TV show ever is its 1980s fashion. A lot of the show’s fans weren’t around the first time and are discovering the weird and wonderful variety of acid wash denim, chaotic prints, vintage sportswear and oversized shades that defined 1980s fashion.

From trippy prints to distressed denim, here’s the Woo edit of Stranger Things-inspired garms to bring the 1980s vibes right into 2022.


City Montreal Sneaker

City Montreal Sneaker


You don’t get much more 1980s than these retro style sneakers. They’re perfect for running up that hill, Kate Bush-style. Complete your high school jock fantasy by pairing with a vintage varsity jacket and blue denim jeans.

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