10 snug essentials for cosy boy autumn

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26 Sep 2022
10 snug essentials for cosy boy autumn

It's time to cosy on down – from wool jumpers to scented candles, here’s all you need to embrace the new season

words Sophie Wilson and Rhys Thomas

Have you heard? Hot girl summer, bare bums and all that, is over. We are now officially entering cosy boy autumn. Pumpkin spiced lattes replace Huel shakes, and park dates make space for warm, indoor Netflix and chill sessions. Soon you’ll be able to enjoy the sound of leaves crunching underfoot, the frisson of excitement for a new season. The weather, hopefully won’t get much worse. At least not until the winter’s long nights fully set in. Autumn is the perfect, gentle antidote to summer, easing us into a slower, cosier time of year.

You see more than an inevitability of the seasons, cosy boy autumn is a state of mind. It’s about slowing down and prioritising comfort in bubble baths, scented incense, and your favourite autumnal films and series. Think of it as adjacent to bed rotting, the TikTok initiated lifestyle trend that celebrates doing nothing but from the comfort of your mattress. Putting cosiness first might feel strange in this fast and whirlwind world we call modern life, but you can view it as part of the pushback against hustle culture. After all, why hustle when you can simply be a boi who is cosy?

Ofc, there’s a sartorial element to all this. Autumn means LAYERS ARE BACK, for a start. It also means it's time to pull out those jumpers from the back of your closet and test for holes. It's all part of the soothing, self-care ritual that is cosy boy autumn. Below, we’ve rounded up 10 cosy essentials to live the lush season of your dreams.

let there be light

Desklamp SAD Therapy Light

Desklamp SAD Therapy Light



Seasonal Affective Disorder is the least chic thing that comes with the days getting shorter. An official SAD therapy light will help you to feel good cosy, not sad cosy. Lumie makes loads, this one props up like a desk lamp, which is super handy.

track and field (TRACKPANTS)

Hand + Body Lotion with Bergamot + Vitamin E - Travel Size

Hand + Body Lotion with Bergamot + Vitamin E - Travel Size

UpCircle Beauty


Cosy, comfy trackpants just hit different when the temps drop. In them, you can stay snug all day everyday and that's exactly what woo's capsule collection is about. Crafted from 100% GOTS certified cotton, they come with a drawstring waistband and deep side pockets to bury those chilly fingers when the winds are nasty. Feeling relaxed, doing good, that’s what holistic wellness, and in all honesty, great style is all about.

zen boi autumn

Himalayan Pink Bath Salt

Himalayan Pink Bath Salt



You get home from work, you’ve been rained on, you are about to hop into the bath for a nice long soak and you decided to treat yourself a little further by adding some bath salts into the tub. These bath salts. Because not only will they be hydrating and nourishing against those winds, but because they smell like nature and are super grounding.


Velour Bathrobe in Black

Velour Bathrobe in Black

House Babylon


And part of the reason you’re having a bath at all is to feel super cosy and to unwind for the evening. What better way to elevate the experience further than donning a lovely bathrobe made form super-soft organic Turkish cotton? This terrycloth bathrobe is made of 450 GSM long cotton fibres for maximum fluffiness and absorbency.

chew chew!

All Day Energy (Multivitamin) Gummies

All Day Energy (Multivitamin) Gummies



Vitamin D, important when it’s getting dark, you know that! But here, not only are you getting vitamin D (and in chewy form, much nicer, a little treat!) you’re also getting vitamins A, C, and E, all of which are great for keeping the immune system on point, along with aiding eye health.


Haeckels Lab: Spiraglow™ EGF Serum

Haeckels Lab: Spiraglow™ EGF Serum



Your skin will be facing the elements more and more as the winds get colder, but not only that, they have to contend with artificial heating. Both will absolutely see our skin dry out. This serum made from a lab-grown algae is designed to nourish your skin and is also super sensitive, a perfect combination to keep you cosy inside and out.

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