How to unlock the joy of bed-rotting

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22 Jun 2023
How to unlock the joy of bed-rotting

This TikTok trend asks you to stay in bed and chill, here’s what you need to succeed

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words Darshita Goyal

What is a perfect day? The old timers may say it’s when the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the sea is glistening and other joyous things that end in ‘ing’ are well, happening. But as any normie in the real world would attest, this is not only rare but also untrue. What’s actually perfect is when you slip into bed and discover that holy position where you can scroll on Twitter ‘till your eyes water, without a care about the phone dying.

It’s that orgasmic zing you feel when your sweaty summer feet touch the soft sheets and the comforter smells a little like watermelons and tropical gardens (or whatever else the fabric softener promised). And the laptop is perched on a pillow at optimum height ensuring you don’t have to arch your neck when you rewatch Fleabag, Sex Education or You. There’s also a scented candle and a gorgeous book within arms reach, just in case you decide that’s the mood.

If this soothing picture makes your heart race – craving, wanting, needing more – then TikTok’s new self care trend, bed rotting, is just for you. The rules are simple, get in bed, get comfy and chill. That’s all. There’s no space for guilt or shame or notifs reminding you to reply to that friend from weeks ago. There’s no time limit and especially no scary P words (plans, productivity, pressure ew). In case you “don’t even have a plan”, you’re on the right track.

And you’re hardly alone. The hashtag #InBedRotting has over 4.4 million views on TikTok with thousands of creators vouching for its healing powers. The trend began at the tail end of 2022 when TikTokker @g0bra77y asked "Who tf actually likes rotting away in their bed," before pointing at herself. This video now has 1.4 million views and a whole wellness movement behind it. For context, if goblin mode was last year’s “don’t care” version of seeking rest, bed rotting is this year’s mindful “do care” iteration.

In case you need some extra shut eye, time to marathon a reality show, doom scroll, read, meditate, journal or just be, go ahead, bed rotters encourage it all. To help you on your way, we’ve curated a list full of beautiful and calming things to get you started (or restarted) on this journey. There’s feel-good stuff for the bed, the skin, the vibes and for the rest-loving soul.

eye blanket

Silk Eye Mask

Silk Eye Mask

The Big Silk


As always, pop culture is right. A frilly, fluffy bed is no good without a main-character eye mask to shut the world out on cue. This silk one will help you fall into a restful sleep without sucking dry the spenny under eye cream you’re trying. As if it wasn’t luxe enough already, the baddie is also lash extension friendly. Goodbye puffy eyes :)

soulful turntable

Turntable with Bluetooth®

Turntable with Bluetooth®



To rejuvenate in bed without a care about taxes or leftover dishes feels like such a bygone sentiment. As you metaphorically touch grass and return to a softer, slower life, let your music go back in time as well. This wooden turntable gives dreamy, vintage vibes without the trouble of glitchy records. Pair in the bluetooth, close your eyes and sway in bed, Frank Sinatra is on his way.

hazy drops



Blooming Blends


You’d think that doing absolutely nothing is simple but in this hustle-hustle world it’s really not. Often when there’s a whole day ahead to sleep, the cheeky circadian rhythm disappears. But that’s when these herbal drops come into play, a blend of everyone’s fav chamomile, lavender, oat straw and even some catnip, this potion is designed to release fatigue and ease you into a good, long nap. Night night.

bedside cooler

Sunset Quilt Stripe Puffy Cooler Bag

Sunset Quilt Stripe Puffy Cooler Bag



Spending the whole day in bed also means no food, which is a bit disappointing. Plus there’s no binge watching without dessert and chilled drinks, nada. Sure, this puffy cooler is typically used for outdoor picnics and barbecues but for days when the fridge feels too far away, keep this at your bedside and everything will be chill.

pleasure please

Discreet Silicone G-spot Dildo Aqua

Discreet Silicone G-spot Dildo Aqua

So Divine


So many hours packed with nothing but joy in bed are sure to make some of us hedonistic puppies horny. Bring in the aqua dildo. With six delicious insertable inches and a bulbous end for G-spot stimulation, this elegant toy is seriously strong. Don’t hold back the screams.

sweet-smelling buddy

Lavendula Candle

Lavendula Candle

Blo Atelier


Who even picks up a book anymore if it isn’t lit by the soft glow of a candle burning in the back? It’s so hard to relax without setting the mood first. To bed rot in peace, light a Blo Atelier candle and let its 18 (!) essential oils fill your space with an ambrosial fragrance. Feels calm already.

sipping serenity

Serene Herbal Powder

Serene Herbal Powder

Herby Box


It’s all in the name. For moments when you really want to chill but your brain is in overdrive thinking about that apparently urgent email, sip on this delicious mix. A combination of mushrooms (the good kind) and herbs that stabilise the stress hormone, this drink will help you switch off the chatter and tap into your healing side.

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