How to go to bed early

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24 Jan 2023
How to go to bed early

Come on, let's catch some Zzzs

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Tired? Most people are. According to a 2021 YouGov poll, 51% of people reported that they feel tired “often” or “all the time”. While has found that 74% of adults report bad sleep quality.

You could also have a lie-in, but if we’re being really healthy about things, our circadian rhythm prefers to wake up at the same time every day, even if we don’t go to sleep at the same time. Plus, in a world where we have to get up for whatever the day has in store, even if that means a long slog at work, sometimes we can’t just hit snooze all morning.

Aside from simply trying to organise your day to finish earlier - and embracing the joy of missing out - a way to have an earlier night is to calm the mind and body down sooner in the evening. Even if you don’t end up getting many more hours, you might well find better quality sleep. And quality is more important than quality anyway, as with most things in life (yes, the eight hour rule is basically a myth). But if you’re tired, catching up on sleep is something people can actually do too, so here’s a series of products that can help to promote calmness.

They mainly do this because they contain compounds that help our sleep cycles. Things many of us are exposed to daily, like screens that emit blue light, caffeine, stress, not really exercising because we don’t have time, all stop our body from producing sleep-promoting hormones, and see them produce too many hormones that keep our adrenaline and stress high, stopping us from sleeping. As well as finding a good sleep hygiene, by doing things like organising your day to finish earlier, avoiding caffeine, products exist that can prove a bit of an anti-dote to those sleep-reducing parts of life. These compounds can make the brain produce more melatonin (our sleepy hormone), they can also help us to get into parts of our sleep cycles more often, which can help us to feel more rested (and access deep sleep), and much more.

We’ve collated a bunch of ways to find these compounds, they’ll help you wind down earlier, and can promote better sleep quality too. So, without further ado, here's our guide on how to go to bed early.

How to go to bed early

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