Win a trip to a secluded nature cabin

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18 Oct 2022
Win a trip to a secluded nature cabin

Woo teams up with global nature company Unyoked to help you and a friend answer the call of the wild

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It can be hard to answer the call of the wild, especially if you live in a concrete-locked city. But, believe us, the extra effort is more than worth it. As it turns out, going into nature has a host of research-backed mental health benefits and can be useful in getting you that much-needed Vitamin D from the sun's rays.

As a result, a new generation is getting out and enjoying the outdoors whether it's birdwatching or wild swimming. Now, we're teaming up with Unyoked to offer you and a friend (or loved one, or Hinge match...) a unique chance to unplug, get away and immerse yourself in Mother Nature.

For those of you that don't know, Unyoked is a global nature company offering off-grid, beautifully designed cabins that allow you to escape the "always on" nature of modern life to take a moment to breathe, all while surrounded by stunning natural landscapes. With locations in the UK, New Zealand and Australia, it provides travellers with a curated selection of cabins tailored to fit their needs, whether that's relaxation, recharging or just getting some space.


Sounds idyllic, right? Here's how you and your nearest and dearest can win the chance of a weekend getaway to one of Unyoked's exclusive cabins - all completely free of charge.

Beginning today, we're offering you the opportunity to be in with a chance of winning an unplugged experience at one with nature. What do you have to do to get to sweet, sweet forestry and unwinding? It's surprisingly simple: just sign up to our newsletter and keep your fingers crossed. And the prize? Well, three sets of winners will be able to enjoy a two-night stay in Unyoked locations in North Norfolk, the Welsh Black Mountains and South Downs National Park, with free travel of up to £150 thrown in to boot.

Now let's cut to the Ts & Cs. To enter, you must be aged 18 and above, be a UK Resident and subscribe to Woo’s newsletter. If that's you, you have until 10am on 30 November to make your winter warmer getaway a reality. Best of luck!

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