Are you ready to hurkle durkle?

We break down the week on TikTok featuring shik shak shok, the nanalan cake and potterygate

Hero image in post
Hero image in post

We break down the week on TikTok featuring shik shak shok, the nanalan cake and potterygate

By Darshita Goyal09 Feb 2024
1 mins read time
1 mins read time

Hiya, chronically online scrollers! Welcome to TikTok Decoder, woo’s weekly breakdown of trends, sounds and creators brought to you by Senior Writer Darshita Goyal <3 Fresh off the slate: a small biz ceramics controversy, Nanalan birthday trauma and bed rotting’s Scottish twin. Buckle in for your download of pop culture from the app making and breaking trends. And if you're in the mood for more, we have you sorted.

new slang: ‘hurkle durkle’

2022’s rat girl and 2023’s bed rot era has now been rebranded online as hurkle durkle. It’s a Scottish phrase for laying in bed and doing nothing when you should be up and about. No wonder the people love it. Goodbye hustle bustle, hello hurkle durkle.

pop sound: shik shak shok

Want a shockingly spenny Valentine’s present? You deserve it! And thanks to this Egyptian tune, TikTokers have found a fun dance routine to let your partner know what’s on your list, even if it leaves them shik shak shok. When they ask what’s your favourite animal? You say Bvlgari snake. Favourite sport? Tennis bracelet (with diamonds, obv). Favourite veggie? Carats, not carrots. Now you’re catching on.

controversy: potterygate

It all started when Aussie influencer @SophaDopha posted a video slagging off her new ceramic mug for breaking the bank. Fun facts: it has two handles, was handmade and costs $125. In a now-deleted viral video, the previously unnamed pottery creator shamed Sophia for coming after her small biz. Plot twist: said pottery maker has more followers than the influencer and the internet can’t decide who’s right. Thoughts?

comfort follow: @OldTimeHawkey

Now that Pookie one and two have been cancelled, you need someone new to follow for feel-good vibes. May I suggest @OldTimeHawkey? Expect a daily supply of cute dog videos, soothing ASMR recipes, cedar charcuterie boards in the forest, retro video games and, for emotional support, a bearded man who starts every post with, “Well, hello buddy.”

freshly viral: nanalan cake

The latest in TikTok’s obsession with older sibling trauma: @LilJepsDollHouse asked her sister to bake her a Nanalan cake for her birthday and spent all week excited. She even filmed a cake-reveal video, only to find out it was a regular vanilla-frosted sponge and was capital D Disappointed. The video has 32m views (!) and 30k comments debating which sister is worse, the one who expected too much, or the one who shattered the expectations. Whoops.

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