12 essentials for exploring soundhealing at home

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09 Aug 2022
12 essentials for exploring soundhealing at home

From noise-cancelling headphones to CBD gummies, help channel this ancient therapy to improve mental and emotional wellbeing

words Sophie Lou Wilson

Listening to music is like a brain hug, whether you’re wallowing to Phoebe Bridgers or blasting an upbeat playlist to dance a bad mood away. But what if music could take you even further, tapping into frequencies that balance your emotions and shift your mental energy?

Say hello to sound healing. The ancient practice dates back thousands of years across many cultures, from indigenous Australians to Ancient Greeks, who used it to try and treat mental illness. It can help reduce anxiety and depression, increase overall happiness, improve sleep and relieve trauma by inviting you into a state of deep relaxation.


To bring the practice into the modern day, we collaborated with artists Beabadoobie, Ashnikko and Vegyn on Higher Frequencies to create sound healing audio and visuals to promote focus, relaxation and better sleep. The soundtrack is perfect for creating your own bedroom sound healing session. While sound baths are becoming increasingly popular in spas and wellness spaces around the world, you only need a few essentials to create the experience from your home.

So switch off your mind, relax and let the music take you to higher frequencies.


headphones for sound healing at home

AirPods Max

£ 474.00

Immerse yourself in soothing sounds with these investment headphones. Ultra-comfy cushioning and industry leading noise cancellation make them worth splashing out for. Perfect for leaning back, turning up the volume and relaxing into the music with no interruptions.


incense sticks for sound healing

Bergamot & Mandarin Zest incense sticks

Soho Home
£ 8.00

Scented with bergamot, lime, mandarin, and jasmine, these incense sticks combine notes of musk and citrus to create a tranquil setting. Burn to refresh your space and set the tone for deep relaxation.


incense holder for relaxing

Melting Eco Systems Incense Sculpture

Space Available
£ 65.00

Crafted from melted plastic bottle tops, this incense holder is elegant and eco-friendly. The artful marble design adds a touch of vibrant sophistication to your space, proving that curation is in the details.


aromatherapy pillow for relaxation

Ritual Aromatherapy linen eye pillow

£ 40.00

Get some shut eye with this scented therapeutic eye pillow. Combining lavender, chamomile and organic oat groats chosen for their restorative qualities, wind down by placing over your eyes and lying down in bed after a stressful day.


bamboo duvet cover for deep sleep

Airy Bamboo Cover

Remy Sleep
£ 41.25

Hide from the world beneath this soft, breathable blanket cover, lovingly crafted from 100% bamboo. It’s designed to be worn over Remy Sleep’s weighted blanket in warmer seasons or for extra comfort, but works just as well on its own for wrapping up in a burrito while you listen to some soothing tunes.


earphones for sound healing

CBL Wireless Earpods Rose Gold

£ 29.99

Earpods don’t have to be plain. In rose gold, this stylish pair is lightweight and versatile while still providing impressive volume. Wear to calm down on the go or to curate your own at home sound healing experience.


cbd tummies for relaxation

1500mg CBD Gummies

£ 64.00

Pop one of these yummy CBD gummies before setting up your sound bath ritual for a holistically relaxing experience. Coming in watermelon, raspberry, tangerine and lemon, these gummies taste refreshing and also help contribute to daily stress and pain relief. Yum!


aromatherapy candle for relaxing

De-stress Candle

Aromatherapy Associates
£ 38.40

No relaxation space is complete without a scented candle. This one smells like frankincense, wild chamomile and petitgrain and burns for a total of 40 hours. The natural essential oil blend is designed with total de-stress in mind.


bluetooth speaker

SoundLink® Revolve II Bluetooth® speaker

£ 199.00

Never miss a beat with this BOSE bluetooth speaker. Connect with nature and take your sound healing experience to the park or beach because this water resistant speaker has a 13 hour battery life. Time to turn up the volume.


comfy wellness jumper

Ivy Wellness cotton sweatshirt

Sporty & Rich
£ 147.00

Wellness is worth shouting about. Do it with this soft slogan sweatshirt. Crafted from 100% cotton, it’s perfect for snuggling up in. Wear oversized for extra comfort.


acupressure mat sound healing

Acupressure Mat

Yogi Bare
£ 34.00

Add to your at home spa vibe with this acupressure mat. It works in a similar way to acupuncture – but don’t worry, no needles are involved! – to help restore your body’s energy flow, improve sleep, decrease anxiety, and relieve physical pain.


Products to do sound healing at home

Mr Maria X Smiley Star Light

Mr Maria
£ 99.00

This adorable plug-in lamp is worth smiling about. Created by Mr Maria in collaboration with Smiley, this lamp has six brightness settings. Dim your main light and switch it on to flood your room with a warm yellow glow. It’s sure to give you a dopamine boost.

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