SHERELLE talks a lobster learning curve and slowing your mind

SHERELLE takes a moment from her busy DJing schedule to do a palm reading with woo

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photo: Issac Lamb
Hero image in post
photo: Issac Lamb

SHERELLE takes a moment from her busy DJing schedule to do a palm reading with woo

By Rhys Thomas09 Aug 2023
9 mins read time
9 mins read time

Practised all over the world, palmistry analyses the major and minor lines on your hand to divine what they say about you: from how you love to how you live and, possibly, what lies ahead in your future. Inspired by this tradition, Palmistry is a series where we sit down with some of our favourite names in the worlds of music, fashion and entertainment for a unique quiz. Turning to their palms, we ask them questions relating to the properties of the five best-known lines in palm-reading.

“I recently changed over management stuff. So that's been quite a weird experience and anxiety inducing, it's all very new. It feels almost like going from school to college or something.”

SHERELLE is spending time in Amsterdam with her girlfriend who lives there, after a period of bouncing around Europe playing shows. She enjoys the minibreaks away from the UK that Amsterdam provides. “It’s a bit like London but everyone rides bikes, so maybe healthier.” She says. This summer the 29-year-old has had plenty going on, many shows in many countries, playing her brand of hardcore, consistently at 160bpm and incorporating jungle, drum 'n' bass, rave, breakbeat, acid house, and footwork at huge festivals like Digital and Glastonbury, where she packed out the iconic and hard to get into (the crowd was spilling outside of it) 500-capacity Stonebridge Bar from 3-4am on Sunday night/Monday morning). But it’s actually been more of a production year than a performing year for SHERELLE.

“I feel like taking on less shows has been good for my mental health.” She says, adding that this summer the highlights have been those gigs where there’s been a sense of family and community around the music. Whether those people, her partner and her friends and her partner’s friends, are dancing in the crowd or playing on the same bill. But as far as summers go, this one has been tamer.

“I was having some Mexican food with SHY ONE and George Riley, we were all like oh my god, we're so tired, how did we do this last year? And it was because we were all just so new to it, it was naivety.” But alongside the fatigue, there’s been some learnings for the East Londoner, which include the fact “you can’t really put on great shows if you're down mentally, and you also can't really make good career decisions if you're tired. So in that sense learning to say no is actually a very good thing.”

SHERELLE has also been reducing social media time after falling into a bit of a habit of scrolling when stressed (like a reflex!) and just feeling unsure about why she was posting quite as much as she was (which was a video per show) and SHERELLE does a lot of shows. She completed 94 shows last year. This summer, peak festival season, it’s looking closer to a couple dozen. The time has been replaced with French on Duolingo, Dutch on Babbel, and resting. She’s also vegan and feels healthier as a result. You could call it all a summer of recalibration for the artist. But let’s see what the palm reading says.

Head Line

One of the three major lines in palmistry, the Head Line (also known as Wisdom Line) reflects your belief, self-will, intelligence, mentality and creativity. Beginning at the outer edges of the hand, under the index finger, it runs towards the middle of the palm.

Would you say you’re more logical or creative?

I’m not logical at all. My sister's logical, my girlfriend's logical, I'm creative. Very much creative. I found it hard to get a C in maths.

What were you like at school?

I was a little shit, mainly because I was very confident and outspoken. I would question a lot of things. I'm not a massive fan of school systems because I think they teach people to work and not to question things. Also I wasn't ever afraid to say on behalf of the whole class that, you know, actually, we don't really get this, Sir, you're going way too fast. So I was a disruptive and opinionated person, but for good reasons only, not to be a dick.

What's the biggest adventure you've been on?

I would probably say my birthday last year. It was just a really silly day. We were in Tisno, Croatia. Everything just escalated to be like the most silliest version of whatever was going on possible, and I met a lot of cool, amazing people. It was just a really jokes day, an adventure in that sense.

Heart Line

The Heart Line (aka the Love Line), is a representation of your outlook on love, passion, relationships and friendship. It's the horizontal line at the top of your palm.

Are you romantic?

Yes, I would like to think so. Wait, my girlfriend has just appeared into the room…

Okay, apparently I'm romantic and I’m very thoughtful and attentive. Which is very sweet of her to say. So yes! I am.

Do you text first?

I’m mindful of respecting people's boundaries so it’s all dependent on the person. As a friend, I'm either the friend that leads things, or a friend that is very happy to roll with them. I'm also forgetful, so I do sometimes mean to text people but don't actually text them.

Fate Line

Your Fate Line (which some call the Money Line) runs vertically, from the wrist to your middle finger. It's said to be an indicator of the path you will take in life and how your future will pan out, across your career, finances and fortune.

Do you believe in destiny?

Yeah. Oh my God, I believe in destiny. 100%. There's been a lot of like destiny moments with friends, my partner, and my career. Things have often happened at a certain time, in a certain way, and worked out great.

Are you a planner or are you more spontaneous?

Even though I am a Virgo I'm not as organised as I would like to be. I'm actually like, quite unorganised for Virgo, quite chaotic and I'm leaning more into my spontaneous bag. I used to be a planner. With DJing I used to really, really plan but recently I've had to try and meet myself in the middle. You can't completely plan spontaneous moments, the moments where people put their fingers up and they're having a great time.

What's on your mood board for the future?

The moodboard looks like a lot of weird venues, some production bits, a lot of festivals. The people who have been sick or paved the way, like early Fabio & Grooverider when they used to put on the raves, and Foul Play. And then some vegetables. And then(!) I'll get TYGAPAW, one of my favourite DJs they're sick, but just them, like their body, because they're really fit. As in they exercise a lot. So I feel like I'm gonna use them as a mood board in the gym. They can be in the middle.

Which vegetables?

Aubergines, red onions, potatoes, I'm a massive fan of potatoes. I need some green vegetables in there too, but I always forget about them. I'll get asparagus and broccoli, all upmarket. Maybe a carrot or two.

Sun Line

The Sun Line is a vertical line which can start anywhere on the palm as long as it is in line with the Mount of Moon (at the base of the palm, opposite the thumb) or the Mount of Apollo (the padded area under the ring finger) It also isn't found in every palm. This line is all about beauty and creativity as well as confidence and power.

What's the last book you read?

Oh, god. Wow, that is really mean. The last book I read, fucking hell... Probably that Arsenal book by Nick Hornby, Fever Pitch. That was fucking years ago. Like ten years ago? Maybe it is the season of reading more books. Books help your mind to be a bit slower, I think.

Play hard or work hard?

Oh both, I do both a lot!

Life Line

One of the easiest lines to spot on your palm, the Life Line is the arc that curves around your thumb. It's usually considered to be a prediction of your vitality, health, ideology and experiences - as well as if you will befall major changes or accidents.

What's a major change you've had in your life?

Probably becoming vegan, actually. I had a bad experience, basically, in a seafood boil place where a lobster died in front of me, and it just kind of made me go: Woah I didn't want to do this. It's been a bit of a godsend in both a mind and body way.

How many times have you moved city?

Never, I'm a full-blown Londoner. I have thought about it, I’ve previously wanted to but never did, I’ve moved zero times. Nul points. I love London. But I'm starting to like Amsterdam... maybe a little bit more.

What's a moment that changed your perspective on life?

Not gonna lie probably that fucking lobster. RIP. That year in general I wasn't eating the healthiest. I started out okay, I was doing lots of runs, or trying to do lots of runs, because it is really fucking hard and horrible, running is actually the worst. But I do it for the mental health benefits, I'm no gym bunny. Anyway, I just kind of stopped that and started ordering loads of takeaways and even though I looked healthy, I didn't feel healthy. And I don't know, that lobster is the epitome of having choices or control over what you do. Like it's bad to say it but I didn't even eat the lobster, I just felt so disgusted and sad. I think it's helped me to think about how I want to treat myself and how I want to treat others. The lobster didn't really need to die, it could have been in its home chilling with all the other lobsters. I think I've learned I have a lot more empathy about certain things than I thought I did. It was a moment for me.

This palm reading takes place in the build up to Woven Rhythms at the Southbank Centre, a night of soundsystem culture curated by designer Nicholas Daley, SHERELLE is playing a set of course! The event takes place 15 September, tickets and information are available here