Really easy skincare for men this winter

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15 Nov 2022
Really easy skincare for men this winter

You know you need to start at least moisturising and using a SPF, so here's your no-faff guide

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It’s almost “party season”, which also means it’s basically winter. So really, this is absolutely prime time for a new skincare routine. The harsher weather generally calls for additional hydration. But also, a relaxing one, not something that’s going to require thought, just some good products which feel like they’re working.

That’s why we made an article designed to do both. Cater for your skin from Movember through to having a bit of a chilly nose and chin if you shave in December; but also create a routine that should be hassle-free, easy, peaceful and convenient. So come on now lads, let’s get our skincare on. You know it’s overdue.

Misting your face feels good. It just does. Like taking shoes off after a long day. Cool, calm, relaxing. Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the body, it’s a moisture-rich gooey, slippery substance. As a mist, it is very light, and still great for boosting hydration. The additional 17 active ingredients also help to reduce stress and brighten complexion.

Rhys Thomas, the Woo writer writing this, is a safety razor advocate. He has bought ex-partners and family members safety razors. Why? Because it’s a superior shave, cheaper (in the long run), and better for the planet. You simply cannot look back after using a safety razor. They can be used on the face or body, the single super-sharp blade is far less irritating than using a three or five blade razor, and you only dispose of that little metal blade each time, far better than throwing an entire plastic razor in the bin. The refill blades are super cheap, too.

Did you know we blink roughly 66% less when using screens than we do normally? It’s among the reasons why we tend to get dry eyes if we’re scrolling too much. There’s other reasons why our eyes can get a little dry too, of course. Either way, this vegan and cruelty free spray from PEEP CLUB is clinically proven to relieve all those dry eye symptoms. From redness and irritation to the heavy and tired feelings. Sea buckthorn oil and sodium hyaluronate are the active ingredients. Good, natural, effective.

You might be noticing a small theme. Eye-care, and hyaluronic acid. Reason being, eyes tend to be where our skin damages (and ages and fatigues) first, because it’s really thin skin. And also hyaluronic acid is great for de-stressing and locking in moisture in the cold months. Here, the goods combine once again, but with the addition of coffee so not only do we get our dark circles brightened and fine lines smoothed out, but we also reduce the puffiness. Sharp.




The Grey
£ 61.00

Face masks can be a bit annoying. Having to wash your face, to then put on a mask, and then wash it back off again? Long. Not with this mask, though. You just chuck it on your face at the end of your routine and go to sleep. It’ll hydrate, brighten and calm stressed-out skin, and in the morning you’ll wake up looking great. Easy. It’s smooth to put on but sinks into the skin well, so you won’t feel like you’re getting your sheets dirty. Plus it’s generally good to use the strong ingredients at night, while the sun is hiding.

This hair and beard oil works really well to smoothen frizzy hair, as well as locking in moisture for afro hair types, and facial hair, thanks to mango, black seed oil, black castor oil and coconut oil, all of which are great at mimicking natural sebum from the scalp. There’s caffeine extract in there too, which helps stimulate growth.

Look, if you want people to stop nagging you to use skincare (or actually, you do care but want to just do the essentials) then wear sun cream, trust us! It is going to stop a lot of the ageing and damage the skin is subjected to, by blocking out all those UV rays from the sun, screens, and lasers, should you find yourself being blasted with them ever. Here we have a moisturiser with a good dose of SPF, so it’ll also make your skin look and feel smooth and youthful. If you get one product into your routine, make it this. Every morning at least. We’ve only mentioned the highlights, it is packed with good.

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