Here's how men can feel good in their skin

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14 Feb 2023
Here's how men can feel good in their skin

A simple guide to skincare to help you battle the winter chill

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Here's a mandate for loving yourself. This week we're encouraging men to get into the habit of dosing up some self love. Whether that's admiring their own beauty, exploring what feels good to them and why or finding out why they have crumbs in their beds, this is a week of self exploration, because you can't love anybody else if you don't love yourself...

It's pretty chilly at the beginning of the year, which means it's absolutely prime time for a new skincare routine. The harsher weather generally calls for additional hydration. But skincare doesn't have to mean 10 steps and a plethora of confusing utensils. It can be something that’s not going to require thought, just some good products which feel like they’re working.


That’s why we made an article designed to give you some tailor-made tips for the chill while also keeping faff to a minimum. Cater for your skin as the winter cold continues to bite until the first sun rays of May break through, but also create a routine that should be hassle-free, easy, peaceful and convenient. So come on now lads, let’s get our skincare on. You know it’s overdue.




The Grey
£ 61.00

Face masks can be a bit annoying. Having to wash your face, to then put on a mask, and then wash it back off again? Long. Not with this mask, though. You just chuck it on your face at the end of your routine and go to sleep. It’ll hydrate, brighten and calm stressed-out skin, and in the morning you’ll wake up looking great. Easy. It’s smooth to put on but sinks into the skin well, so you won’t feel like you’re getting your sheets dirty. Plus it’s generally good to use the strong ingredients at night, while the sun is hiding.

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