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How's Jordss getting through the most wonderful time of the year? Sea moss, mainly

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How's Jordss getting through the most wonderful time of the year? Sea moss, mainly

By Megan Wallace15 Jun 2023
3 mins read time
3 mins read time

From glamping hacks to beating the hangovers, this summer we’re speaking to music-heads about their pro tips on how to do festivals like a VIP. First up, DJ Jordss gives us the scoop on the biggest festival faux pas and how to beat the post-festival blues.

Firing up dancefloors for just under a decade, Jordss (aka Jordanne McKenzie St Rose) is the kind of DJ who instinctively knows how to get a crowd’s feet moving and hips shaking. This is in no small part thanks to her expansive RnB knowledge: she’s been dubbed the “Queen of R&B edits” by Boiler Room and even headed up a Rinse FM show dedicated to showcasing the very best from the “past, present and future” of the genre.

She’s in demand on the UK club circuit and was even tapped to play Burberry’s LFW afterparty, spinning tunes for the likes of Naomi Campbell. As well as playing major festivals such as Park Life, Glastonbury and the Warehouse Project, the DJ and radio host is the founder of international collective Girls Can’t DJ. Born out of a frustration with the underrepresentation of gender minorities in festival lineups, it’s a vital resource showcasing female and non-binary talent in the club space and is testament to Jordss’ tenacious spirit.

Already, her summer schedule is stacked: she’s recently played an infectious set at London’s Boiler Room Festival and freshly announced her new headline show, Journeyss, at Pickle Factory in August. To celebrate what’s sure to be an eventful few months, we caught up with the multifaceted DJ to get her ultimate festival tips.

From sea moss and seltzers to accidentally crowd-surfing, here’s Jordss’ guide to the most wonderful time of the year…

What event are you most looking forward to playing this summer?

My headline show!

What are your three essential festival items?

Water, a portable charger and sunglasses.

Any tips for getting to sleep at a festival?

I can honestly sleep anywhere, even standing up.

If you were curating your own festival, who would be on the lineup?

Kaytranada, Honey Dijon and DJ EZ.

What’s your biggest festival faux pas?

Throwing things in big crowds.

Any tips for sneaking into the green room?

Walk with confidence so no one questions you.

What’s your trick for getting to the front of the crowd?

I’m too small to be at the front, that’s my worst nightmare.

What’s your festival style essential?

Sunglasses remain glued to my face.

Do you have any tips for recharging after a festival?

Sea moss, water and sleep.

Any hangover cures you swear by?

Drinking seltzers like White Claw really prevent hangovers.

Tell us about your favourite interaction with strangers at a festival.

I can’t think of a specific moment but the general sense of camaraderie at festivals is unmatched.

What’s the best festival you’ve ever been to?

Bestival in 2012, an iconic year.

Do you prefer city or camping festivals?

When I was younger, it was camping but not it’s city for sure.

What’s your favourite festival memory?

Accidentally crowd-surfing!

How do you avoid the post-festival blues?

By going to another one…

Jordss headline Journeyss show takes place at London’s Pickle Factory on Saturday 12 August.