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30 Jan 2023
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Wake up, it’s time to seize the day!

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Do you struggle to get out of bed in the morning? You’re not alone. A 2022 YouGov study found that 68% of people reported feeling tired very or fairly often when they wake up in the morning. Four in ten said it was difficult to get out of bed in the morning and the same number said they hit the snooze button at least once in the morning before getting up.

It’s so tempting to sleep in for as long as possible in the morning, especially if you’re not a morning person. However, waking up just a little bit earlier can give you time to create a relaxing morning routine and set you up for the day right. Plus, early risers tend to fall asleep faster at night so it’s a win/win, really.

But waking up earlier is often easier said than done. The science behind why some people find it easier to wake up early than others is down to our circadian rhythms. The 24-hour cycle is essentially the body’s internal clock that helps determine our sleep-wake cycle. It’s influenced by environmental cues, especially light, so that’s why our natural sleep-wake cycle is tied to the cycle of day and night. An irregular or disrupted circadian rhythm can have a negative effect on your mental health.

Dr Craig Heller, who researches the neurobiology of sleep and circadian rhythms at Stanford University, explains the science of why some of us are morning people and others are night owls. “Some people, known as larks, have circadian rhythms shorter than 24 hours and others, called owls, have circadian rhythms longer than 24 hours,” he tells woo.

However, if you’re a night owl, all is not lost. There are some ways you can hack your natural circadian rhythm to change your sleep routine to wake up earlier. “Owls can shift their circadian rhythms by avoiding bright light in the evening and being exposed to bright light in the morning,” continues Dr Heller. “The alarm clock is the crutch that will help get into a new routine.”

Following expert advice on sleep and circadian rhythms, we’ve selected a bunch of products to help you wake up earlier so you can become the morning person you’ve always wanted to be.


The New Beauty

The New Beauty



Dr Heller’s top tip for waking up earlier is to avoid bright light in the evening, especially blue light emitted by most screen devices. Experts recommend not looking at a phone or laptop screen for at least 30 minutes before going to bed. If you’re wondering what to do with those 30 minutes, try snuggling up with a book. Reading can help you relax and unwind before bed. Plus, you might learn something new which is always a bonus.


Lava Lamp - Lavender & Blueberries Tea Blend

Lava Lamp - Lavender & Blueberries Tea Blend



To wake up earlier, you should avoid caffeine or sugary drinks before bed. Instead, opt for a soothing herbal tea like this lavender and blueberry infusion from Teapsy. Not only can the lavender help enhance relaxation and sleep quality, but it tastes great too. So, put on the kettle, brew a cup and unwind naturally.


Pep Up Pulse Point Roller Set

Pep Up Pulse Point Roller Set

Clarity Blend


Ok, it’s the morning and you’ve managed to make it out of bed, but it’s so tempting to just get back under the covers for another half an hour. Instead, reach for one of Clarity Blend’s Pep Up Pulse Point Rollers for an invigorating boost that will set you up for the day. Whether you need a little pick-me-up, a boost of natural energy or a post-work out stretch, simply roll them onto your pulse points and you’re good to go.-


Sleep Patches

Sleep Patches

Ross J. Barr


Ross J. Barr’s sleep patches can help you drift off more easily. They contain a special selection of herbs to help aid and support the induction and depth of sleep. Created to assist with everything from sleep struggles to insomnia, simply apply one sleep patch to each temple and leave them on until morning to sleep soundly. The essential oils provide a unique smell that elicits a deeply relaxing olfactive experience, while herbs such as wild jujube seed, coix seed & polygala are selected for their ability to calm the mind and help induce and sustain a deeper sleep.


Daily Gut Digestion + Gut Microbiome Support

Daily Gut Digestion + Gut Microbiome Support



A healthy gut means healthier sleep. This advanced 4-in-1 digestive supplement includes Probiotics, Prebiotics, Organic Superfoods and a powerful Digestive Enzyme. The no-fuss, advanced is designed for optimal digestive and overall health in 1 simple step to support sleep, energy, digestion, mood, immune function, and more.


Venturi Alveomesh

Venturi Alveomesh



One way to wake your body up naturally and get better sleep is to exercise. So, slip on some trainers and hit the pavement. Exercising in the morning boosts your mood and metabolism for the rest of the day.




The Herbtender


Wake well rested and ready to take on the day. This invaluable morning and evening ritual will help you to gently unwind, sleep deeply and wake up early ready for anything. Begin with two morning capsules before breakfast. If you’re still finding it hard to rise and shine after a week, try another two capsules at lunch, but don’t exceed four capsules a day. For the evening capsules, start with two capsules before bed and increase or decrease between one and four capsules to find your ideal results.


Paws X Yoga Mat

Paws X Yoga Mat

Yogi Bare


Boost your yoga practice with a new mat from Yogi Bare. Longer and wider than your average yoga mat, this one allows you to take up space and flow in your own rhythm. Extra thickness allows for comfort and support as you energise your body and find your inner warrior, while non-slip technology ensures you feel safe and protected throughout your movement, so your mind can let go and you can move through your body with ease.


My Vibe Right Now Is Just Living Life Candle

My Vibe Right Now Is Just Living Life Candle

Maison MM


Waking up earlier means you can really make the most of your day. This candle is designed for those who live life to the fullest. The sweet jasmine scent is refreshing and invigorating so you can start your day feeling fresh.

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