woo presents feel good films: Ramatu go box

2 mins
01 Dec 2022
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POV: You're in Jamestown, West Africa. Up-and-coming female boxer, Ramatu Quaye, walks you through the streets of her hometown – the place where boxing changed her life.

words Team Woo

Welcome to woo's feel good films, a collection of short films from young up and coming creatives and directors from around the globe designed to make you feel happy, energised and creatively inspired.

For Jamestown local Ramatu Quaye, fighting is in her blood. Boxing is what binds her relationship with her hometown fellow locals; a community that is known around the world to produce legendary boxers like Azuma Nelson. And now Ramatu, West Africa's newest rising female star in the sport, is here to show you around.

"Boxing shaped me, it shaped my life," she says as she reminisces about growing up surrounded by the sport. Now a prominent athlete, she's using her passion for boxing to help shape others around her. As she walks us through her go-to gym and vigorous training procedures, we are introduced to Trudy, Ramatu's latest mentee. Inspired by her success, women from Jamestown like Trudy have turned to the grassroots boxer for inspiration, joining her in breaking into the male-dominated sport. And for Ramatu, it's simply about doing what she loves; what she knows best. The athlete is on the Ghanian National Boxing team and has dreams to bring home a medal to the place where it all began.

Ramatu Go Box was directed by international filmmaker Adu Lalouschek, whose creative focus centres round capturing real-life stories from around the globe. Drawn to themes of community and human-oriented narratives, his work aims to represent the beauty of cultural difference. His raw, documentary-style way of capturing unique stories on film has made him a sought-after young filmmaker, and has seen him collaborate with media giants like Google and the BBC. Able to capture so much in such short time-frames, it's no wonder the London-based creative is making waves in the industry.

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