woo presents: Feel Good Films: Sweet Memories

1 mins
01 Dec 2022
woo presents: Feel Good Films: Sweet Memories

Alone in a homey Japanese eatery, this feel good short film follows a schoolboy reminiscing his failed attempts to woo his crush

image Jessica Wu

words Team Woo

Welcome to woo's Feel Good Films, a collection of fims from young up and coming creatives and directors from around the globe. woo's Feel Good Films is a set of shorts curated to uplift, elevate and cheer you’

Some memories are sweeter than others. In this short film, Roman Pesino plays a young boy who is daydreaming. Daydreaming of a sweeter memory than the one on his mind: his failed attempts to woo his crush.

Set in a homely looking Japanese eatery, the film, directed by Jessica JM Wu, is a heartwarming look into desire and the romantic abilities of our imaginations. Yes, even those of teenage boys. The thoughts show elaborate dance sequences, a performing band, and of course, the young boy himself singing and aiming to impress. The soundtrack accompanying the fantasy is Lihue, by Nohelani Cypriano. A groove track made born in 1977, in Hawaii.

Stylistically the tender charm and charisma of the boy is evoked through visuals that show influence from Taiwanese and Japanese greats of filmmaking including Edward Yang ad Yasujirō Ozu, It is heart warming, adorable, and very feel good vibes,

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